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Pat Bowlen snub for HOF nominee is outrageous - but fans’ angry tweets were glorious

Broncos fans know what’s up.

Denver Broncos vs Tennessee Titans - December 25, 2004 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The moment Jim Trotter tweeted that former NFL GM Bobby Beathard was the Contributors Committee’s nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018, the livid reactions came flying.

And deservedly so.

Ian St. Clair already highlighted the egregious error that Broncos fans realized instantly.

It’s unfathomable the best owner in sports - much less football - would be slighted two years in a row after how much he has meant to not just one very successful team for decades but the entire freaking NFL.

But when the committee allowed Charley Casserly, an assistant to Beathard, to lobby for his mentor, it was obvious the corruption that was unfolding.

Jeff Legwold, the ESPN reporter who represents the Denver market, somehow defended the decision.

But Andrew Mason shot him down fast.

It’s true what they say.

You can’t fix stupid.

So for another year - in a long line of years, except for one small blip in 2017), the Hall of Fame is dead to us.

Misery loves company, so console yourselves with other fans who took their outrage to Twitter.

For once I am in total agreement with Mike Klis here.

This outcome is totally “disgusting.”