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In a nice change of pace, lots of game balls for the Broncos’ offense

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Trevor, Jamaal, Sunshine...So who got the lone game ball from the defense?

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Broncos sent the Packers packing on Saturday night, and so it’s time for us to give out some game balls. There were plenty to give, but we have a few to highlight first, and then we’d love to hear who else deserves one!

Trevor Siemian, QB

Don't let the stat line fool you - 13/22 for 127 yards and zero touchdowns looks fairly mediocre. The bad interception that was essentially a pick-6 was one of the worst throws you can make in the NFL. The first two drives left a lot to be desired. But that just isn't the whole story. Trevor Siemian came out and had a nice bounce-back drive, pushing the ball down the field. His 16-yard scramble, and 20-yard back shoulder throw to Jordan Taylor were the best plays in a drive that resulted in C.J. Anderson's touchdown run.

After a few stalled drives by both teams, Siemian orchestrated a 9-play, 50-yard drive at the end of the half to put points on the board. Not a touchdown, but an easy 28-yarder for Brandon McManus. As perhaps the biggest critic of Siemian, I saw a guy who was able to play well enough to keep his team in the game, bounce back from mistakes, and lead the offense. He didn't surprise anyone, but he was consistent. - Adam Malnatti

Denver's injury luck across the defensive line is being pretty rough as of late. But it isn't all doom and gloom. The Broncos have in Shelby Harris what looks like a super lineman who can do it all. He rang up seven tackles (six solo) and four TFL. In the pass rush department, he was absolutely on fire with three sacks and three QB hits.

The guy was an absolute monster who had the kind of game that makes a coach at least think about moving him up the depth chart even after some of the current starters return from injury. I'm excited to see him suited up starting Week 1 as he has all the tools it takes to be a big part of this team's defense. - sadaraine

Jordan Taylor, WR

Jordan "Sunshine" Taylor is always talked about in the conversation of the fifth or sixth receiver, but it's time for Mike McCoy and the Broncos to no longer talk about him as a bubble receiver but actually No. 3 or 4.

He may not have the special teams' prowess of Khalif Raymond and Cody Latimer or the experience of Bennie Fowler, but he has better hands than all three. And Trevor Siemian can use all the sure-handed receivers he can get. His three catches were a perfect example of Sunshine's consistent reliability for whichever QB he's catching for. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Jamaal Charles, RB

Since he took the field in practice for the Broncos, Jamaal Charles has shown flashes of his old self. From the reports by some in the media, you would think Charles needed a wheelchair to get around. That’s not what I or those I talked with at practice were seeing. But the big test for Charles was game action, and how he would respond to getting hit and cutting on that knee. He passed with flying colors. No. 28 not only looked like the Charles of old, he looked amazing doing it in Broncos’ orange as opposed to that Kansas City red.

As I said in my story, he showed patience, vision, playmaking ability, intelligence and effectiveness in pass protection. That last one is what sealed it for people. He also adds a needed element as a receiver, which is massive in Mike McCoy’s offense. Let’s see how he responds to his first game action in about a week and a half, but there’s reason to feel excitement about Charles and what he brings to this offense. - Ian St. Clair

OK, Broncos Country, who gets YOUR game ball?