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Broncos Camp Day 8 recap: Trevor Siemian starting to pull away, T.J. Ward injures hamstring, and more

Here is your day 8 Broncos Training Camp recap.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos came out with shells for Day 8 of training camp. As usual, all eyes were on the two quarterbacks fighting for the starting job this season. This race is becoming akin to the race between the tortoise and the hare. One is consistent; slow and steady, while the other is erratic; hot and cold. You can guess which is which and who is likely to win this race.

One quarterback begins to separate himself from the other

Trevor Siemian:

Trevor Siemian came out hot and even when he cooled later in practice maintained a consistent, steady force. He didn’t have the biggest plays of the day, not did he have the worst plays of the day. Just right there, steady.

It’s fun to see how the media portray’s what they see out there or what agenda they are trying to push. Dmac is clearly off his rocker with hyperbole and according to him, Siemian has dominated every day of practice.

On the other hand, Lemmey is more prone to sing the praise of Lynch, so if he is saying Trevor won the day then Trevor won the day. If Siemian had played the entire practice like he did in the first series and Lynch played the entire practice like he did in the first series, then Dmac would be 100% spot on. Unfortunately, it looks like he stopped watching practice after that first series and now looks like a fool with his lazy analysis.

That said, Siemian is starting to put a little distance between himself and Lynch. The distance isn’t great, but I am starting to notice that he is gaining some momentum here.

Paxton Lynch:

Paxton Lynch is needs more reps. He isn’t going to get them. This has me thinking that though the quarterback competition is close, it is starting to swing in Siemian’s direction based purely on experience and how many reps each quarterback has gotten in their careers.

There is always a chance Lynch could regain some ground and have a big preseason game, but the lack of reps is going to hurt him far more than it will hurt Siemian. I suspect this will only become more evident with each passing practice and preseason game.

Lynch has time and could still win this starting job outright, but the tortoise is nearing the finish line and if the hare doesn’t start running he’s going to come up just short.

Scrimmage on Saturday:

The Broncos will conduct their first scrimmage on Saturday. It should be an exciting time for fans and also give both quarterbacks a chance to improvise a little more as if things were a real game situation. Vance Joseph didn’t name a starter, but I suspect it will be Siemian. He’s earned the job through eight days of camp.

The bigger thing to watch is how the revamped offensive line holds its own in pass protection and the run game.

“I think all the practices and the scrimmage will be talked about on Sunday morning of where we are,” Joseph said on Thursday. “It’s kind of the halfway point. Starting Monday, we’re going to have a training camp day, but Tuesday and Wednesday are more Chicago. Absolutely, that’s going to be a big deal for our roster as far as who’s doing things the right way. Who’s making plays? Who’s making less errors? That’s going to be a big part of what we’re doing. When you say scrimmage, it should tweak a player to say, ‘Hey, my best is needed.’ That’s why you say scrimmage for these guys so you can get their best.”

Joseph and his staff will have a hundred other things to watch, but we kind of know where this teams weaknesses were last year and that’s going to be the biggest concern for us fans.

Defense impressed with new offensive line:

Derek Wolfe thinks the new offensive is doing a great job out there, which is high praise from a guy going up against them on every snap in practice.

That is good news for Trevor Siemian, who needs a little more time to get the ball out and for the running backs who need a little more room to run to get some positive yardage on early downs.

Injury report:

  • Safety T.J. Ward injured his hamstring. Getting an MRI; no status to report.
  • Linebacker Todd Davis sprained his shoulder; no status yet.

Tweets from practice:

Notable quotes:

Vance Joseph said scrimmages and games are a bigger deal for quarterbacks:

Derek Wolfe wants to see 30-40 sacks between he and Von Miller:

C.J. Anderson says the Broncos running backs are going to bring it:

Darian Stewart is making things sound a lot like 2016, which is good for Siemian: