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Which QB style will be better for this Broncos team?

The Afternoon Drive digs into the most controversial question of the preseason.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

OK, most of you are going to hate this topic on The Afternoon Drive because it’s laden with QB controversy, and it will force you to once again dig your heels into defending whichever quarterback you currently believe will be the starter.

However, I’m going to highlight it because it actually brings up the crux of the decision for the coaches between deciding on Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch as the starter - and I actually think it is an interesting question.

And that is, which type of quarterback play is better for the Broncos? Because to determine which quarterback “wins” this competition really means choosing which style might be better for running the offense with this team.

Eric Goodman compares Siemian and Lynch to two different types of tennis players. There’s the guy who is a powerful but often erratic hitter, who can beat you with “winners” but can just as easily lose with unforced errors. Or there’s the guy who doesn’t have a particularly powerful backhand or forehand but has a steady stroke and can keep lobbing it back and forth all day until his opponent hits an unforced error to lose.

Essentially – does this offense need a quarterback who will be good enough not to lose versus one who will look for aggressive ways to win, even if the risk doesn’t bring the reward?

All the bickering that goes on on this site arguing for one QB or the other really comes down to this personal preference – do you like your quarterback being more aggressive with the potential for more spectacular performances or do you want him to play safer football, managing the game just ahead of the opponent while the defense keeps the score in check?

For this Broncos team, it’s worthwhile to consider the strengths of the offense as well as the defense when answering the question. When you have an elite defense, maybe a game manager is the best option for winning more games? But playing safe can bite you in the a** too, and it would be a shame to waste an aggressive defense by not being aggressive.

It really comes down to personal preference, and I guarantee that’s how it is for Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy. Their choice is about which QB style is better for this team.

So here’s a daunting challenge - explain in the comments your preference for QB style (and therefore a QB), understanding many others may have a different view.

And I’ll just be over here cheering for Kyle Sloter. :)


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