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Broncos-Chargers first quarter update: Trevor Siemian starts out hot

Trevor Siemian is looking good and attacking down the field. He has the Denver Broncos up over the Los Angeles Chargers after one quarter of play.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos received the opening kickoff, but had their opening drive stall after picking up a few first downs. The Los Angeles Chargers did the same, moving the ball out of the shadow of their own end zone before needing to punt it away as well.

On their next drive, the Broncos picked up another quick first down thanks in large part to a big catch from Demaryius Thomas a few plays after Trevor Siemian had a scary pick-six dropped by the opposing defender.

C.J. Anderson broke through a big hole for another first down to put the Broncos into Chargers territory. Siemian then attacked down the middle of the field to Jeff Heuerman for a 20-yard gain.

Those were the kinds of throws Siemian didn’t make in 2016, so it was encouraging to see as on the very next play Siemian threw down the middle of the field again to Emmanuel Sanders in the end zone that was just slightly overthrown.

On third down, Siemian drove a bullet into the gut of Bennie Fowler for a first down and a strong run on the next down from Anderson put the Broncos down on the Chargers 5-yard line.

After another short run from Anderson, Siemian on a free play hit Fowler in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

Broncos 7, Chargers 0.

No third down issues on that drive as the Broncos went 3 for 3 when it mattered most, including that touchdown pass to Fowler.

The Chargers got a drive going after a third down pass interference on Bradley Roby cost the Broncos 40-yards. Von Miller was tripled teamed on the play as well. Unfortunately, the Broncos run defense hasn’t been very good either. Melvin Gordon ripped off several good runs in the first quarter - finishing with 40 yards on the ground.

The quarter ended with the Chargers knocking on the door.