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Play of the Week: Shelby Harris seals victory with a field goal block

The blocked field goal from Shelby Harris was easily the biggest play of the game for the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos entered the fourth quarter with a comfortable 24-7 lead over the Los Angeles Chargers, but then disaster began to beset the Broncos in a series of turnovers and a missed field goal.

With seconds left in the game, the Chargers appeared to be sending the game to overtime and, ultimately, victory as they owned all of the momentum at that point. Chargers rookie kicker Younghoe Koo booted what he thought would be the tying kick.

It’s good! But wait, there’s a timeout.

Derek Wolfe saw something on that play that he shared with Shelby Harris and together they exploited that weakness for this game-clinching block.

Broncos win! Broncos win!

This sequence of events gets my “Play of the Week” vote. The Broncos are 1-0 and played a heck a of a lot better than the final score indicated. As fortunate as they were to secure the win, the Chargers were equally as fortunate for all of the plays that broke their way in that fourth quarter.