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You asked for it, so let’s do it!

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

We started Week 1’s Ultimate Fan Guide off with a bang (thanks WAZBF!), so now let’s finish it the same way we expect our team to finish - so good we get a trophy at the end!

But there are going to be a few ground rules. Actually, there’s really only one:

IN-TER-ACT with each other. No more lurking. No more treating this post like a junior high dance where everyone just stands by the wall and sways and sings by him/herself. No more reading and saying to yourself, “oh that was fun, time to turn on the game.”

The entire purpose of this post is to bring members’ experiences and viewpoints to the forefront, and if you all aren’t going to interact with each other, then I’m not providing the forum. Nothing is more of a drag than for someone to take a lot of time thinking of and writing out answers to A TON of questions and then not having any comments.

OK, that was my mom lecture of the day, so let’s get to the good stuff...picking your weeks to preview the greatest team in the world!

Remember how this works:

• Name your game/week in the comments

• First come, first served

• Up to two people per game

• Whorfin always gets the Bye Week


• Expect an email from me the week of your preview with the questions

OK, on your mark, get set, go!

Game Commenter
Week 2: Broncos v. Cowboys Luis Felipe Saccini
Week 3: Broncos at Bills kingbronco58
Week 4: Broncos v. Raiders j-man
Week 5: BYE Whorfin
Week 6: Broncos v. Giants CryMeARivers
Week 7: Broncos at Chargers SaguaroBronco
Week 8: Broncos at Chiefs the_prodigal_fan
Week 9: Broncos at Eagles broncobender
Week 10: Broncos v. Patriots Todduscraig
Week 11: Broncos v. Bengals Zach Eckels
Week 12: Broncos at Raiders jeffrod
Week 13: Broncos at Dolphins draco1986 & Crush.
Week 14: Broncos v. Jets j-mac31
Week 15: Broncos at Colts Eskol & lancing2009
Week 16: Broncos at Redskins Trogdoor & Road Apples
Week 17: Broncos v. Chiefs French Fred