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The most surprising part of the NFL season so far is ... the Patriots

After an offseason of hype, the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots got blown out at home ... on prime time.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation is doing a “biggest surprise after Week 1” deal and I could think of no bigger surprise than watching the Kansas City Chiefs dismantle and embarrass Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at home.

I spent the first part of the game making fun of the Chiefs on Twitter, which was a win for me personally. But then I spent the second part of the game making fun of the Patriots and that was a much bigger win.

Nothing is funnier than seeing jilted, arrogant Patriots fans on Twitter saying nothing to anyone. It’s like they disappeared for a few hours.

Why was this blowout loss so surprising? Let’s take a look at the headlines around the Patriots leading up to that first game:

Yes, it is fun to laugh at all of these headlines after the Patriots start the season 0-1 after giving up six touchdowns at home.

Is the end of the Patriots dynasty near or is this just a once in a Bill Belichick coaching career blip?