Potential Yards Gained-Updated Following the Washington Game

One stat that I tend to find pretty useless is total yards gained. If a team is able to force turnovers and win the field position battle, they're likely going to have fewer long drives and have a shot at fewer total yards. I'd like to examine this season a bit about how the Broncos do in terms of gaining their potential yards, and see if the numbers across the league tell us anything about how a team's ability to consistently flip field position or finish short drives affects their overall record and playoff chances.

Buffalo-The offense did a good job moving the ball, but couldn't finish drives. The defense needed a stop at the end of the game, but a BS penalty call allowed the Bills to pick up 85% of those potential yards, instead of just 25%

Oakland-This was a rough one. 3 drives over 50% of potential yards gained, but only 1 in the second half with at least a third.

NYG- Without the pick 6, the offensive output here is still pretty bad. 4 of the 12 drives gained more than 70% of the yardage required, but a pair of missed field goals and a pick 6 hurt way more than they should have. The defense cant be too much harangued, giving up just two drives of over 50% of potential yards. However, the three that went more than 40% were all crucial because of the short fields that were present with them.

LAC- Not much to say here. BAd offense, bad special teams sunk the ship today. The defense held the Chargers to less than 10% of total yards on 6 drives. But their punter flipped the field every time, and our offense cracked 50% just twice.

KC-Sometimes you hit bottom and decide to keep digging. Trevor is pressing, and Mccoy is putting him in bad spots with playcalling choices. Doesn't help when you end up with 4 drops on the night as well. I'm also not going to let the defense off the hook here either, with a couple of lucky plays for them keeping this game from being a blow out as well. The sweep pass interception Stewart was beaten badly, and the ball severely underthrown. Stewart and Marshal got lucky on a drop by a Chiefs TE in the end zone later in the game as well, and Chris Harris got beaten but an overthrow saved him from ending up on the wrong end of the highlight reel.

PHI-The defense gave up yesterday. Wide open players, guys getting demolished on blocks. The offense was no better, with more drives gaining negative yards than gaining more than 50% of the potential yards.

NE- Offense bad and defense bad. Thats about all that can be said here. Ugh.

Cin-The defense showed up for almost all of the game, but got beat on a couple of must have drives and again failed to generate any turnovers. The offense had one good driving and fantastic field position all day but failed in numerous ways. Thank goodness Mike Mccoy is gone. He's a trainwreck that failed to adapt his system to the players we have.

Oak-The defense was not particuarly sharp, but the offense was brutally bad. Only two TD drives by Trevor redeemed what was probably the worst offensive output of the season.

Mia-The Denver offense is a limitless Augur. It just continues to dig deeper and deeper. 2 drives over 50%, one a field goal and one a whatever at the end of the game. The defense did its part for the day, with only 5 drives over 50%.

NYJ-A Win! A dominating win! The defense held the Jets to just 2 drives of over 40%, everything else was under 10%. The offense moved the ball efficiently as well, with 5 drives of over 50% yards needed gained.

IND - Two in a row! The offense moved the ball well on the first two drives, but Trevor threw a pick and McManus missed another easy field goal. Brock came in and kept the offense rolling. The Defense as well tightened up after the first drive

WAS-The old issues that have plagued this team continued to creep in. Turnovers and defensive miscues. One game to go.

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DEN WAS 25 9 Punt 12 1
DEN WAS 16 44 Punt 52.38095238 1
DEN WAS 54 33 Field Goal 71.73913043 0
DEN WAS 21 44 Punt 55.69620253 1
DEN WAS 15 23 Fumble 27.05882353 1
DEN WAS 25 33 Interception 44 1
DEN WAS 43 34 End of Half 59.64912281 0
DEN WAS 20 -2 Punt -2.5 1
DEN WAS 17 10 Punt 12.04819277 1
DEN WAS 25 15 Punt 20 1
DEN WAS 38 8 Downs 12.90322581 0
DEN WAS 46 4 Fumble 7.407407407 0
DEN WAS 25 75 Touchdown 100 1
WAS DEN 32 -6 Punt -8.823529412 0
WAS DEN 2 -1 Punt -1.020408163 1
WAS DEN 25 11 Punt 14.66666667 1
WAS DEN 9 83 Field Goal 91.20879121 1
WAS DEN 62 38 Touchdown 100 0
WAS DEN 28 -8 Punt -11.11111111 1
WAS DEN 23 68 Interception 88.31168831 1
WAS DEN 34 55 Field Goal 83.33333333 0
WAS DEN 23 77 Touchdown 100 1
WAS DEN 11 5 Punt 5.617977528 1
WAS DEN 54 0 Fumble 0 0
WAS DEN 65 35 Touchdown 100 0
WAS DEN 56 -2 End of Game -4.545454545 0

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