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Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals - Thursday Night Football Live Blog

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Who would pick the Houston Texans to win a game at this point? The Bill O’Brien offense appears to only work if Tom Brady is your quarterback.

Houston Texans v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

And so the string of utterly useless and boring Thursday Night Football games begin. Is it just me or were Thursday Night Football games more exciting when they happened once or twice a season?

The Houston Texans are coming off one of the worst offensive performances I’ve ever see and it doesn’t look like they have the talent to figure things out in four days. Bill O’Brien believes his scheme is the greatest scheme God has ever graced the football field with, but we’re all finding out his scheme only works if Tom Brady is your quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals are no better off with a head coach who everyone seems to think is on the verge of losing his job every season. Yet, he is still around coaching his team to consistent mediocrity.

It’s the perfect Thursday Night Football matchup. The game itself on Thursday is a mediocre event, so why not staff it with mediocre teams no one cares about. I think Roger Goodell might actually be a diabolical genius.

Texans vs. Bengals live blog