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Week 2 Early Games - Live Blog

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Here’s to the Philadelphia Eagles beating the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos play in the late game slot this week, but the early games are loaded with some premier matchups. It should be a fun morning (early afternoon for you east coasters) of football.

Let’s start with the games to skip: Browns at Ravens (yawn), Bears at Buccaneers (bigger yawn), Cardinals at Colts (derp), and the Bills at Panthers (blowout?).

From there we have a couple of interesting matchups in the Vikings at Steelers and Titans at Jaguars. The latter seems like it should be in the first ‘skip it’ category, but both teams are starting to look like functional franchises again.

The two games I absolutely want to see is whether or not the Patriots will rebound after an embarrassing home loss as they travel to face the Saints this week. Then there is the Eagles at Chiefs game. Andy Reid will likely want to lay another forty-burger here as well.

Naturally, I’ll be rooting for the Eagles.

Week 2 early games live blog