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Five things the Broncos can build on in Week 3 against the Bills

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After a fast 2-0 start, the Denver Broncos can continue to build on success, and keep improving in Week 3.

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

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The Denver Broncos surprised most football fans with their victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2. It was a complete dismantling of a team that some are picking to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Both offensively and defensively, the Broncos have been an early surprise team in the league. Now, as Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio podcast, the Broncos have an opportunity to build on a few things as they prepare to take on the Buffalo Bills.

1 - The play of Bradley Roby

On the defensive side of the ball there have been no surprises with the No Fly Zone. Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib have been as good as advertised. For the Broncos dominance to continue it is clear that Bradley Roby will need to continue to contribute. He has been a solid cornerback, but has mental lapses at times.

Roby eliminating mental lapses is a terrifying prospect for the rest of the NFL. The Bills don’t present a major challenge for the secondary, which is exactly when mistakes can happen. Roby will need to stay focused to ensure the No Fly Zone can continue the dominance Broncos Country has grown accustomed to.

2 - Stopping the run

The defensive line has been a pleasant surprise against the run. Essentially shutting out Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys was definitely a big message. With LeSean McCoy next on the list, things won’t get any easier. McCoy is a feature back, but he brings an extra wrinkle to deal with.

The Broncos struggled with stopping running backs catching passes out of the backfield in 2016. The Atlanta Falcons game was a perfect example of those struggles. McCoy will likely be the main target for Tyrod Taylor in the passing game. Will Denver be able to limit McCoy in both phases of the offense?

The defensive line will need to prevent McCoy from finding space between the tackles, but Justin Simmons will be key in matching up with him in the passing game. This is an extension of the Bills running attack. It will be a big part of the Broncos getting off the field on defense.

3 - Third-down efficiency

After two weeks, the Denver Broncos lead the league in third down efficiency. The offense has been excellent at staying on the field. Giving the defense time to recover, and putting points on the board is a key to the Broncos success. It was lacking in 2016. The offense seems to have things figured out.

Trevor Siemian has been playing exceptionally well. His ability to move with the football, and extend plays has contributed to the Broncos’ third-down conversion rate. He has also pushed the ball on the third down. The big complaint in 2016 was his inability to throw the football passed the first-down marker. Not a problem in 2017.

The Bills defense is fourth in total yards allowed. This will be a challenge for Denver, especially since the game is in Buffalo. A continuation of strong third down efficiency is key to success throughout the season.

4 - Rushing the football

C.J. Anderson has been a stud in the running game for Denver. Jamaal Charles has been a huge addition, giving athleticism and a big change of pace to the offense. With the Bills stingy defense, it will be imperative for the Broncos to continue to rush the ball well.

Most of Anderson’s rushing yards came after contact against the Cowboys. He will need to continue to break tackles against the Bills. The offense was unstoppable against Dallas, but their defense was banged up. Continuing to run the ball with power and efficiency is a must to help the Broncos to a win in Buffalo.

5 - Red-Zone Efficiency

The Broncos have had great success in the red zone. The Broncos have scored a touchdown on 77% of their trips to the red zone. The Defense and special teams have done a good job setting the offense up with good field position. The offense has been methodical in finishing off drives.

This is an area that can actually improve. Siemian has acknowledged that he must avoid red zone sacks. There are few complaints about his game this year, but there is one. He takes horrendous sacks. His first step is often back, and he retreats too easily. These sacks have taken points off the board, and helped increase the suspense of the Los Angeles Chargers game.

The offensive line could be in trouble in Buffalo. Garett Bolles is dealing with a deep bone bruise. Menelik Watson has played poorly in pass protection. Red zone efficiency can be ruined by an offensive line that can’t protect the quarterback.

If the line can’t protect Siemian, he will have to be better about not losing big yardage on sacks. Taking the team out of scoring position is more than just a drive killer. It can cost the team games. Denver can build on red zone efficiency, only if Siemian and the offensive line can continue to get better.

While many experts will be picking the Broncos to win in Buffalo, there is still a lot to improve on. Denver must persist in these areas to make sure it comes away with a win.

The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.