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C.J. Anderson feels healthy and confident - working to remain consistent

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CJ Anderson caught up with the Afternoon Drive to reflect on last week’s game and where they are at as an offense.

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive got a chance to catch up with C.J. Anderson today after practice and discuss his thoughts on last week’s big performance, and where they are as an offense.

Anderson’s big point he stressed was that he and the rest of the offense needed to remain consistent.

We just tell ourselves ‘keep grinding every day’... so we want to put together, week to week, we want to put together a good game plan and good effort out there week to week. We don’t wanna put up 40 this week and then go into Buffalo and put up 7.

Individually, he is also striving for consistency. When asked about what it is like going up against big name runners like Ezekiel Elliot and LeSean McCoy, if he takes that as a challenge, he talked about how being consistent is what gets your name into the conversation with those guys. That’s how they got where they are, by being consistent.

Consistency is something that C.J. has struggled with, due to not being healthy. When asked what’s been different about this year so far, he said the only difference is feeling healthy.

I just felt healthy...pretty much, that’s what it is, I just felt healthy. I got going, got in a rhythm and those things happen. I think the O-line played great up front, so the confidence, them having confidence in me to pick the right spots, but me also having confidence in them that something’s gonna be there. That makes a difference.

I’m excited to see what a healthy Anderson and this O-line can continue to do this year.

Check out his whole interview above starting around the 1:00 mark.