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Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills final score: Trevor Siemian invites Buffalo to a pick party

Trevor Siemian has his worst game of the season in a bad loss to the Buffalo Bills as the Denver Broncos fall to 2-1.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos came into this game expecting to beat the Buffalo Bills, but what started out as a defensive battle turned into an offensive one.

The difference in the Bills 26-16 victory over the Broncos was Trevor Siemian’s multiple turnovers late in the game, as well as, some very questionable calls throughout the game that tended to go in favor of the Bills.

First Quarter

The Broncos and Bills started out the game in a strong defensive battle, with Denver finding just a wee bit more room to run during the quarter. Near the end of the first quarter, the Broncos were able to put up a field goal to take the early lead.

Von Miller and the Broncos defense held the Bills to nearly no offensive yards in the first quarter.

Broncos 3, Bills 0.

Second Quarter

The Bills found their offense in the second quarter, putting up three scoring drives before halftime. However, the Broncos offense were able to keep pace with the offensive ‘explosion’ in the second quarter.

One of the biggest calls was an absurd overturn of a 50-yard completion from Trevor Siemian to Emmanuel Sanders which saw the receiver travel eight yards with control of the ball before losing control. What is a catch? No one knows, not even the NFL.

Broncos 13, Bills 13.

Third Quarter

The Denver Broncos got some progress going on offense early, but then everything seemed to fall apart. The fake field goal from their own 30-yard line was likely the most questionable call of the year from a head coach.

The decision put the Broncos defense in another poor situation having just knocked the Bills out of field goal range the drive before after a Trevor Siemian interception.

Bills 20, Broncos 16.

Fourth Quarter

After that silly fake punt attempt, the Bills made it a seven-point game. The Broncos offense responded by Siemian not being able to strong arm a throw away out of bounds - having the ball intercepted again.

The game would ultimately never get back in hand for the Broncos and they would fall to 2-1 on the season. Siemian finished 24/40 for 259 yards and 2 really bad interceptions.

Bills 26, Broncos 16.