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Broncos-Bills second quarter update: Buffalo found their offense

The Denver Broncos defense faltered a bit in the second quarter, but the Buffalo Bills were unable to keep the lead. Game is tied going into halftime.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills found their offense as Tyrod Taylor began to go HAM with two long pass plays. They soon found themselves in a first and goal situation at the Denver Broncos two yard line.

On third down, the Broncos defense was about to stand firm with Aqib Talib batting a pass away from the intended receiver. The ball was then caught by a Bills player in the back of the end zone.

Bills 7, Broncos 3.

C.J. Anderson provided the Broncos a spark on their next drive with a big 32-yard gain. An unnecessary roughness penalty was added to the run, getting the Broncos back into field goal range.

Trevor Siemian was hit late on the very next play to move the Broncos down inside the Bills red zone to give the Broncos a quality scoring opportunity from the Bills 12-yard line. Jamaal Charles took over from there to score from 12-yard out.

Broncos 10, Bills 7.

The Broncos answered that drive in 3 plays to the tune of 79 yards and a touchdown.

The Broncos defense continued to be on its heels against the Bills Rick Dennison-led offense on the next drive. Mike Tolbert was the cure that ailed the Bills run game as he bulled his way through the interior of the Broncos defense.

Tyrod Taylor misfired to Zay Jones who was as wide open in the flat as a player could get in an obvious busted coverage. The mistake was capitalized on by the Aqib Talib on the next play who broke up the potential first-down pass.

On fourth down and two, the Bills attempted to draw the Broncos offsides and failed. They went ahead and punted.

On their next drive, the Broncos were backed up in the own end zone and on third and five Siemian his Emmanuel Sanders deep for a 50-yard gain. The catch was challenged by the Bills and despite taking three steps and a football move, the call was overturned.

Things went wrong for the Broncos after that, with Riley Dixon’s punt is returned 17-yards to the Broncos 30-yard line.

Already in field goal range, the Bills offense quickly found themselves in a third and 17 just outside field goal range. They were able to get a few yards back to setup a long field goal attempt from Steven Hauschka.

The 49-yard field goal attempt was good to tie the game up.

Broncos 10, Bills 10.

Siemian immediately went back to Sanders on the next offensive play, hitting Sanders for a 20-yard gain to start their next drive. Demaryius Thomas got into the action on the next play with an 11-yard gain and another first down.

From the two-minute warning, the Broncos drove down the field more with Siemian hitting Thomas deep down the sideline for 21-yards to get the Broncos inside the red zone.

Two plays later on third and long, Siemian was forced to throw it away to bring out Brandon McMannus for 35-yard field goal attempt which he booted through to give Denver a lead.

Broncos 13, Bills 10.

The Bills quickly drove down the field in the final 45 seconds to get into near-field goal range. With 12 seconds left, Taylor hit Holmes on a quick out to setup a 55-yard field goal attempt, which he booted through.

Broncos 13, Bills 13.