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Horse Tracks: Protests overshadow week 3 in the NFL

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It’s an interesting time to be an NFL fan.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Over the last few weeks, when I have compiled the links to appear in each edition of Horse Tracks, I have made efforts to separate political articles from the the sports articles.

Then this week happened.

For as much as I would like to pretend that the mass protests of President Donald Trump’s comments regarding the NFL did not happen, they did. What’s ordinarily an escape from politics and the rancor inherent to those discussions, suddenly found itself the absolute center of controversy.

Needless to say, fan reactions to these protests varied and spawned protests of their own. Many folks were angry, some going so far as to post ‘Dear John’ letters to their favorite team on social media. Others took it a step further and posted pictures of their expensive officially licensed NFL merchandise being tossed into trash bins.

While some fans soured on the NFL because of the protests, other fans felt emboldened by them, championing the players’ right to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Some even saw the protests as an opportunity to raise money for civil rights organizations.

It was apparent that among the players, there was unity and respect for one another regardless of whether players stood, sat, locked arms, or waited out the anthem in the locker room.

When it comes to highly venerated symbols in society being involved in protest, miscommunication abounds. The flag and anthem mean a wide array of things to different people. While one person may see the flag and think of their Uncle Irv’s service in Vietnam, another person may view the flag as a representation of all the freedoms that make America great. It’s the versatility of those symbols, the anthem and flag, that makes them universally American. It’s that same versatility that opens their use up to hurt feelings and anger.

I’d like to say that everyone should just respect everyone else’s views of these dynamic symbols of our great democracy. However, I am not that naive. The sad reality of this situation is that it’s likely going to fester for weeks to come without resolution. President Trump spent most of his Sunday tweeting and retweeting negative things about the NFL and called for a boycott. During his short tenure as Commander and Chief, we’ve come to know him as a man who doesn’t easily let things go. I don’t expect the NFL or the players to capitulate the President’s demands. This, sadly, means that the protests will continue... which will, in turn, spur the President to keep calling for a boycott.

I can’t forsee an easy way out of this mess. I just want to watch football... and beat the Raiders. I really want to beat the Raiders.

Go Broncos


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The sport was not incidental to the doctrine of segregation. It was one of the pillars on which it rested.

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Von Miller and Demaryius Thomas are among the Broncos who kneeled during the national anthem

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Political action committee supporting President Trump begins ad campaign against NFL
A political action committee that supports President Trump began an advertising campaign Sunday that encourages NFL fans to turn off games and watch a patriotic movie instead, according to a source close to the committee.

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Alejandro Villanueva's appearance on the field, as the only Steelers player to leave the tunnel for Sunday's national anthem, led to "confusion" for some teammates, a source said.