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Play of the Week: Emmanuel Sanders gets screwed out of a catch

The tide of the game turned on a single call by some guy in New York City made in overturning a catch by Emmanuel Sanders.

In the NFL, the course of a game can completely change on one play or, in this case, one bad call.

The Denver Broncos had just retaken the lead and had the momentum in this game early against the Buffalo Bills. A 50-yard catch and throw from Trevor Siemian to Emmanuel Sanders should have broken this game wide open.

As you can see above, Sanders caught the ball and turned upfield for another seven or eight yards. With that kind of play, this could have easily led to another Broncos touchdown and a two-score lead. The complexion of the game would have completely changed. Instead, the complexion completely changed in the Bills favor.

The big catch and run from Sanders was challenged and in that challenge it was determined there was clear evidence that the catch and run was actually not a catch at all, just a really long drawn out incompletion.

One. Two. Three. Four steps. Is that not a football move?

Turned up field for an additional seven yards. Is that not a football move?

The ball was punched out at the end of the play. Wouldn’t that be a fumble?

WHAT IS A CATCH IN THE NFL? Apparently, it is this asinine explanation from former NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino from Fox Sports.

A reception in today’s in NFL has nothing to do with football moves or the number of steps. All that matters is that if a player is going down that it’s all part of the process of catch.

“Don’t worry about the number of steps he took.” That might be the dumbest reasoning I’ve ever heard.

I have a message for the NFL and their catch rules... GET BENT.

Update: That was not a catch, but this was:

How is this a complete pass! Lost possession on the landing..

Posted by Hernan Hernandez on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seriously NFL, get bent.