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Garett Bolles: I haven’t arrived yet

Through three games, Garett Bolles isn’t content to get content with his game.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Garett Bolles was asked on Wednesday about his first three games in the NFL and he wasn’t ready to be content with anything. His mindset is to keep trying to get better every single day and that is the kind of mindset a rookie has to have in his first season in the league.

“I haven’t arrived yet,” Bolles said. “I’m never going to say I’m arrived. This game changes every single day. Like I said, one day you’re going to have a Khalil Mack and one day you’re going to have a Bosa. One day you’re going to have Ingram and one day you’re going to have the guys from Kansas City. You never know. You have a new task every single week. You have a speed guy, you have a power guy or you have a guy that’s overall just an athlete. You just have to be prepared for everything every single day and just watch film to just continue to improve.”

He may not be ready to say he has arrived in the NFL and may never be, but you can see him grow more comfortable in his role on the football field.

“I feel very comfortable. I feel like I’m in the right direction going into my first year, learning things and just being the best player I can be. I have a lot of great people around here that believe in me and that makes football fun too. When people believe in you and you feel like you can go out there and do what you have to do. You never want to be settled. You always want to know that you can improve every single day. The minute you think you’re settled, the minute the league is going to say, ‘Pff! You’re out.’ Because that’s how it is. You just have to continue to move and improve. Just doing everything that you can possible to make yourself better and knowing that every single Sunday or Monday night, it doesn’t matter, it’s going to be a dog fight. This league is a humbling league and you have to be ready to take the humbleness in. Getting better at work and just continuing to get better every single week.”

As I said at the beginning of this post, I like this kind of mindset from a rookie. Especially from a first round pick.

It also helps that his play has been remarkable through three games and against some of the more premier pass rushers in the NFL. He has been mauler in the run game and mostly effective in pass protection.

The Broncos may have something special long-term in Bolles if he keeps performing at the level he has in a division filled with fearsome pass rushers.