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Von Miller is definitely NFL’s ‘Hardest Working Man’ - and he’s got the Old Spice product to prove it

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Our favorite QB terrorizer is back with Old Spice for his own limited edition Pure Sport Plus.

It’s only appropriate that on this day to honor working people, our favorite edge rusher teams up once again with Old Spice to promote its NFL Hardest Working Man collection with some new products.

And of course some new commercials that debut in full today.

So take a break from the quarterback drama and enjoy the silliness that is Von Miller in an Old Spice commercial.

Old Spice, the “Greatest Smell in the NFL,” and Von Miller are spotlighting the brand’s latest innovation, Invisible Spray anti-perspirant and deodorant.

In a “spray-n-go form,” the anti-perspirant delivers up to 48-hour protection and “fresh, manly scents that go on dry with low residue.”

“I’ve had my favorite Old Spice scent, Pure Sport Plus, for years and am loving it in its newest form, Invisible Spray anti-perspirant/deodorant,” Miller said.

If you remember his first campaign last year - Von running chasing a quarterback with a bees nest on his hand while also doing the limbo - it was quirky but it was soooo Von Miller.

You can expect the same this time around.

Also to kick off the NFL season, and for the first time ever, Old Spice introduces limited edition NFL Hardest Working Collection featuring Miller on the label of his personal favorite scent, Pure Sport Plus.

It’s like the Wheaties Box™ of deodorants.

“We’re excited to have Von, one of the NFL’s top-performing players and unique personalities, back for a second Old Spice NFL Season,” said Janine Miletic, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble.

Miller seems pretty happy about it too.

“It’s also pretty unreal having my face on a limited edition,” Miller said, “and I hope that fans stay unforsweatable with me under their armpits.”


Let’s just hope we’re seeing Miller “under the armpits” of quarterbacks about 30-32 times this season.

Unforsweatable Freshness:

NewNew Old Spice Invisible Spray anti-perspirant and deodorant delivers up to 48-hour protection and fresh, manly scents in a spray-n-go form that goes on dry with long-lasting freshness and low residue to reduce streaking on skin and clothing.

It goes on with a cool burst at first spray followed by a fresh scent boost when you sweat, reminding you that Invisible Spray is working just as hard as you are.

FAVORITE OLD SPICE SCENTS: Old Spice Invisible Spray debuts in three popular manly scents: Pure Sport, Swagger and Bearglove.

Hardest Working Collection includes Hydro Wash and Dirt Destroyer body washes and Sweat Defense soft solid anti-perspirant and Odor Blocker invisible solid anti-perspirant, offering high-performing sweat and odor protection in two forms.