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Von Miller: There aren’t 64 quarterbacks in the NFL better than Colin Kaepernick

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Von Miller speaks out about Colin Kaepernick’s inability to find a job in the NFL.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Denver Broncos all pro linebacker Von Miller spoke out in favor of embattled former-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Miller doesn’t think he should be unemployed.

“I think he should definitely be in the National Football League,” Miller said. “There’s not 64 quarterbacks that are better than him, and I feel like in the National Football League, that’s what it’s about: can you play or what can you do for me? There’s not 64 quarterbacks that are better than Colin Kaepernick, that’s just cut and dry, it’s plain and simple. He should be in the National Football league.”

He’s not wrong.

Kaepernick not being in the NFL - in my opinion - is based entirely on Kaepernick’s National Anthem protests last season and not at all based on his ability to be a quarterback.

Miller wouldn’t go that far in terms of blaming Kaepernick’s protests on the primary reason for quarterback not being on a team, however.

“I don’t know,” Miller said when asked if Kaepernick is unemployed due to his protests. “That’s a question all the players in the National Football League have been trying to answer. ...I feel like he should definitely be in the National Football League.”

Miller actually has good reason to be skeptical as his own teammate Brandon Marshall joined Kaepernick’s anthem protests last year. Marshall faced tremendous criticism for it but remains an integral part of the Broncos’ elite defensive unit.

Yet Kaepernick cannot overcome backup quarterbacks most of us have never even heard of for a roster spot in the NFL.

Whether Kaepernick is being shut out by NFL owners is definitely a question worth debating.

Miller believes Kaep is good enough to play in the NFL.

The questions came as many around the league believe Brock Osweiler isn’t good enough to be in the NFL over Kaepernick, which is something I would kind of disagree with.

Osweiler is probably near the top of the list of backup quarterbacks, which means there are plenty of other teams with backup QBs that should be looking at Kaepernick more so than the Broncos.

In fact, Miller thinks Osweiler should have never left the team in the first place. Osweiler has a history with Broncos players and would fit right into the culture that is already in place.

Osweiler to the Broncos actually did make a heck of a lot of sense, probably more so than Kaepernick to the Broncos - even if Kaepernick is a better quarterback.


If you could only choose one of the two as the Broncos backup, who would it be?

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