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Emmanuel Sanders could not be more ecstatic for an ‘up-tempo’ offense

In fact, he’s really looking forward to the “put-up-as-many-points-as-possible” offense.

San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As the Broncos prepare to unveil their Mike McCoy Offense 2.0 on Monday Night Football versus the Chargers, one wide receiver is particularly giddy.

That would be the wide receiver who had his best season ever when the Broncos last employed the McCoy offense under then-OC Adam Gase.

That would be the wide receiver who caught 101 passes for 1,404 yards that year and made his first appearance in a Pro Bowl.

And that would be the wide receiver who called that offense - directed by Peyton F-ing Manning - “wide receiver heaven.”

Which, of course, would be Emmanuel Sanders - aka Hemanuel.

Speaking to Mile High Report about his upcoming promotion with Century Link Colorado, Sanders answered some “football” questions too (including a few posed by junior reporters Calvin and Tanner Volkmann!)

And when it comes to football, Sanders could not be happier with the direction the offense is headed - again.

Noting that the 2015 and 2016 offenses under Kubiak were of course designed to be “run-heavy, play-action, drain down the clock” schemes to let the defense take care of the game, Sanders is ecstatic for circa 2014’s up-tempo “put-up-as-many-points-as-possible-so-you-can-rest-on-the-bench-eating-sunflower-seeds-in-the-fourth-quarter” kind of offense.

“I LOVE Mike McCoy,” Sanders said, adding that the returning offensive coordinator strikes confidence in his players. “Guys walk around with a swagger now. ...When I found out Mike McCoy was coming back, I was so excited because I knew we can be unstoppable.”

And while some fans are not yet sold on the quarterback who will attempt to bring back this heavenly existence, Sanders is not worrying about all that.

“I am very confident in Trevor [Siemian],” he said, adding that he has been thrilled not to answer any quarterback competition questions for a week now that Siemian has been deemed the unequivocal starter. “He’s a young guy but an old spirit. He carries himself like an old pro.”

Like many of his Broncos teammates, Sanders is also happy to see No. 17 back in the locker room.

“Brock is my brother. We played together in the Super Bowl and I’m happy to have him back,” Sanders said, adding that there is no confusion who the starting QB is. “Trevor is the starter; Brock is the backup. But if something were to happen, Brock would fill that role and we won’t lose a step.”

Mostly, the native Texan - who has been busy helping fellow Broncos raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey - cannot wait to start the season.

Playing football since he was 10 - and idolizing “Mr. Primetime” Deion Sanders - No. 10 is looking forward to being back on prime time in five days.

Perhaps we’ll even see him score on his favorite play - the bench route.

“I’m always beating my home boys on that route in Madden™ too,” Sanders laughed.