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Vance Joseph staying is good for the Denver Broncos

Broncos Country may be hanging from the rafters with people wanting VJ fired, but some No Bull common sense may help shed some perspective on the surprising move from Dove Valley

Denver Broncos vs. against the Oakland Raiders, NFL Week 17 Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Let me start out by saying I have a hard time swallowing a pill of this season and keeping the same HC on board under normal circumstances. What has transpired for the Broncos franchise in 2017 is anything but normal circumstances though.

See, a head coach is the guy that answers for the results on the field when he gets to make all the calls for what happens on the field. If you’ve been reading my stuff here on MHR recently, you’ll know where I’m going. But in case you missed it check out these real quick and then come back:

5 lessons John Elway needs to learn from this season

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John Elway is the real problem

As I’ve highlighted in my recent articles, there is far too much smoke around Dove Valley that indicates Elway is far too involved in too many areas of the football functions of the Denver Broncos. Yes, he can be the big decision maker on personnel. Heck, he can even oversee and help advise his coaches on player decisions. But at some point, the guy has to set a clear boundary between being a General Manager and being a coach.

Let Vance pick his own coaching staff. Let him decide what kind of schematic bases are going to be used for his offense and defense with that staff. Then take that information and go get players that will help him achieve those on the field goals.

If Elway wants to keep being involved on calling the shots day-to-day you are going to see a Denver Broncos team that is going to resemble the Dallas Cowboys from the 2000’s. The coaching staff will never be credible because they know the coaches don’t have any power. The players will lack discipline because of it. And when you maybe do get your team in a position to make a run they will fall flat because of all of these factors in the playoffs.

Vance Joseph deserves a shot to do better

Here’s another point that needs to get more attention from Broncos Country: Vance Joseph was a rookie this year.

If we want to give a chump ass excuse for a NFL player like Trevor Siemian 24 starts to figure out if he has it or not, can we not extend another season to a head coach who has yet to even get to call all the shots?

Apply the logic here. We give rookies time once they’ve been drafted. Heck, for guys we draft that are on the defensive line I have almost no expectations of them until year 2.

Also, as I keep pointing out, switching coaching staffs every year or every other year makes things very hard on your team. Too much of their time is spent learning new systems and not enough on perfecting the systems they use.

I’m not saying Broncos Country should like it, but let’s give the guy a chance. Hopefully that chance will come with less training wheels from the Vice President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos.

Righting the ship requires a lot

I’ll leave you all with this thought. I listed 5 flaws that the Broncos have that need addressed. They are as follows:

1: No QB talent

2: Head coach is a noob

3: Locker room leadership void

4: Lack of quality drafting from the front office

5: John Elway is too involved

#2 on the list just got addressed. Vance Joseph has a year under his belt and has seen all sorts of life lessons on what NOT to do as a head coach. Let’s see if the team now can focus on the other 4 and get things headed in the right direction.