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Can you pick the ONE best Super Bowl moment in Broncos history?

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It’s hard. Really hard.

AMFOOT-NFL-SUPERBOWL Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

It’s playoff time, and although the Broncos and their fans are sitting at home again this year, there’s never any shame in remembering the best of our playoff history (despite what Chiefs fans may think).

And as part of a joint project for SBNation, we are supposed to offer what we consider the SINGLE BEST Super Bowl moment in all of Broncos history.

WHAT????? Just one?

Well, when you have so many to choose from, it’s tough to narrow it down.

There’s the obvious 4th-and-6 pass from Brett Favre that was batted down by John Mobley in the final minutes of Super Bowl XXXII that ensured Broncos fans that their team was in fact going to be world champions.

Here’s the entire Super Bowl to watch for sheer enjoyment, but the Mobley play is at 2:23:28 if you want to skip ahead to the punch line!

And you can’t forget Rod Smith’s 80-yard touchdown in Super Bowl 33 that basically gave the Broncos a huge 17-3 advantage going into the second half.

There’s most definitely Von Miller, which could practically be the name of the “moment” all by itself.

“What was the best Super Bowl moment according to you?”

“Von Miller.”

“Which play by Von Miller?”

“No. Just Von Miller.”

You could definitely argue that Ed McCaffrey’s block to spring Howard Griffith for a huge first down that set up a Terrell Davis touchdown moments later was a huge momentum play and proved our Broncos were not giving up. I mean, a skinny wide receiver was laying the wood on that play.

And, of course, there is ALWAYS the “helicopter” - which needs no explanation.

But there are many more, so let us know in the comments which “Super Bowl moment” is your favorite (and you can say “Von Miller” as far as I’m concerned!)

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