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Exclusive: Terrell Davis is as cool as we thought he was

In an interview with MHR, Davis talks Super Bowls, future QBs, Broncos in the Hall of Fame - and even his Georgia Bulldogs.

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It is settled, Broncos Country.

Although John Elway’s “helicopter” will forever be one of No. 7’s most iconic plays - among a long list of comebacks and heroic efforts - the single greatest “moment” in Broncos’ Super Bowl history is not that play.

It’s John Mobley’s knockdown on Brett Favre’s 4th-and-6 pass to ensure a world championship.

It’s settled because Hall-of-Fame running back and Super Bowl XXXII MVP Terrell Davis has decided it for us.

“It is the play by John Mobley because of what it signifies,” Davis told Mile High Report in an exclusive interview Thursday. “The game is over and immediately it brings you back to all the talk, back to training camp, back to the ups and downs of the season, and then it’s down to one final play and he does it.

“Man...that IS the moment.”

And just like so many of us can remember exactly how that single moment brought us to our knees in a mix of relief and elation that generally resulted in some sort of weeping, TD remembers the moments surrounding that final play like they are in slow motion.

“I remember being on the sideline as the play is about to go down and I’m just over there praying, ‘God, please just give us this one. Just give us one play,’” he recalled.

“Then when John knocked that pass down, everybody was running on to the field, just celebratin,” he added, “and after a few seconds, I just stopped, I’m looking around, and I was like, ‘Did that just happen? Are we really world champions?’”

Davis remembered that he didn’t stay up late partying with the rest of the team because he wasn’t feeling too great. Instead he watched game highlights in his hotel room most of the night.

“I stayed up the whole night just channel surfing watching all the highlights to make sure it really did happen,” he said. “And when I woke up the next morning, the first thing I did was turn on the TV to make sure again that it had happened.”

Super Bowl 52 - Meet TD there with Verizon Up

Davis is promoting Verizon Up’s rewards program this month for subscribers since Verizon is giving a free trip for two to Super Bowl 52. Verizon has been giving fans enrolled in #vzup the VIP treatment all season with their favorite teams.

Verizon Up members will have the opportunity via their MyVerizon app on Jan. 16 and Jan. 22 to win a chance to attend the game, see concerts up close, meet NFL players and attend exclusive events.

Although the Broncos are unfortunately out of contention for that game, the Super Bowl experience is one-of-a-kind and worth the trip just for the entertainment.

“It’s a unique trip for two with exclusive access to all sorts of events,” Davis said.

The former Super Bowl MVP will be among the superstars hanging out in Minneapolis all week making appearances, so even if you don’t care about the teams playing, you probably care about the chance to meet TD.

Davis ‘felt the MHR love’ in HOF promotion

But enough promotion, let’s get back to our Hall-of-Famer.

When I joked with TD that we at Mile High Report take a sliver of credit for his induction this year because of our “30-for-30” series last January, his response will forever make me smile:

“Laurie, I ain’t mad atcha for that.” (And you have no idea, TD, how not mad at you I am!)

But seriously, Davis said he definitely felt the love from fans and media last year in a way he hadn’t previously.

“Trust me on this, Laurie, I felt every single gesture - from that campaign to the billboard in Canton,” Davis said. “It was amazing to feel all the love and to know that that many fans cared. It gave me hope. For four years, there wasn’t a lot of buzz, but then more and more people started getting behind it. And I felt that love from here.”

More Broncos to the Hall!

And Davis would really like to see more Hall-of-Fame love for more Broncos. Included on his short list are Pat Bowlen, Steve Atwater, Randy Gradishar, Karl Mecklenberg, Rod Smith and Tom Nalen...for starters.

Davis doesn’t want to say the bias against Denver in the Hall of Fame is intentional, but he definitely believes Broncos players are overlooked because they weren’t really on the radar of so many of the voting reporters. So it is crucial for these guys to get in the limelight some how, some way, Davis admits.

“There’s no question that media attention is important,” No. 30 said. “It keeps a name on their brains, so they think, ‘I need to do more research on that player, more investigation.’ If your name is not in front of them, they don’t think about you.”

Davis is all for Mile High Report doing a 27-for-27 series and even challenged us to take on 53-for-53, 75-for75 and even 77-for-77 too.

“I think you have to do it,” he laughed.

Davis: Cousins would be a great fit in Denver

When it comes to the current Broncos team, Davis has the same initial reaction as most of us - a deep sigh followed by a few ideas...mostly around one particular position.

“Obviously, we’ve got to find a quarterback,” Davis says. “And I don’t think they have that guy on the roster.”

He’s also pretty certain Elway is going to go the vet route over a first-round draft pick.

“That’s just the way John is built,” Davis said of Elway. “Developing a draft QB takes time, and we’ve seen the formula with a free agent veteran quarterback work. [Elway] knows it works.”

Davis threw out the familiar names for possibilities - Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins - but he believes Smith and Cousins are probably better suited for the Broncos offense because they are more mobile.

And if he’s pressed to pick his top candidate, it’s Cousins.

“He’s got a big arm, he’s a fighter and he made a whole lot out of nothin’ on that Redskins team,” Davis said. “With better personnel around him, I think he’ll do really well.”

Broncos Country ‘needs to be patient’

Davis is also happy to see that Vance Joseph is coming back. He knows Broncos fans like to win, and 5-11 is unacceptable, but Davis doesn’t think getting rid of the coach right now is the way to fix that.

“I know we want to win, but here’s what we have to understand - Joseph had one year. One year,” TD said. “And without a signal caller he could count on, with an offense that kept turning the ball over, with a team that had already changed its staff several times over the last four was not going to go well.”

Davis believes head coaches deserve two years, maybe even three, to “settle in” - and he’s asking Broncos Country to take the long view.

“Just be patient,” he said. “It takes time.”

And if there is a guy who knows about patience, it is TD.

Well, except maybe when it comes to his Georgia Bulldogs losing the national championship game in overtime.

“I’m heartbroken. We haven’t been this good in a long time,” he said, giving the expected answer first before revealing his true disappointment.

“At first I was crushed, and then with time to reflect, I was proud of was a phenomenal season. They won the SEC, they won the Rose Bowl. They came so close on the national championship...

“But the way I think about these games, you just can’t let that one slip away,” he added, noting that it would have been better if Georgia had never been “in the game” and lost by a lot. “Naw man, the game was yours and you just can’t let it go like that.”

So TD’s advice to his alma mater stands for his former NFL team too.

“Well...on to next season.”


Let’s show TD some more love and now debate HIS single-greatest moment/accomplishment as a Bronco.

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  • 5%
    His rookie "block" during the preseason game in Japan that proved this running back was tough.
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  • 22%
    His ‘2,000-yard season’ in 1998 that was 2,762 yards
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  • 15%
    His Super Bowl XXXII MVP
    (143 votes)
  • 19%
    His NFL-leading 142.5 yard average in the playoffs
    (185 votes)
  • 25%
    His role in making the Broncos world champions two years in a row
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  • 0%
    32 100-yard games in his career
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  • 4%
    Scoring more TDs in the playoffs than any other
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