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Report: Baker Mayfield has signed with a Boulder-based sports agency

Could mean something, could mean nothing.

Rose Bowl Game - Oklahoma v Georgia Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

According to 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis, Heisman winning quarterback Baker Mayfield has signed with Boulder-based sports agency firm Capital Sports Advisors. Jack Mills, Tom Mills, Kevin Robinson are the partners per Klis’s tweet.

Normally news like this wouldn’t mean anything to the casual fan, but the fact Mayfield signed with a sports agency located in Colorado raised some eyebrows. Could it mean that Mayfield thinks he will be living in Colorado in a short few months? Or did he just think that this was the best route he should take for himself and his future?

That’s the question.

One thing that is not in doubt is that the Broncos appear very interested in Mayfield. First, we have a report by Sporting News’s Eric Galko stating that the Broncos are among the teams interested in Mayfield and that they will likely target him if they miss out on potential free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Secondly, we have the Broncos coaching staff coaching the Senior Bowl and reportedly will have Mayfield on their North Team roster. Many assumed that it was just the luck of the draw that Mayfield ended up on the North Team, but Phil Savage who runs the Senior Bowl indicated that the Broncos requested to have Mayfield on their roster.

We will find out tomorrow officially if Mayfield is on the North Team or not when they release the rosters, but it appears the Broncos got their wish. A strong week by Mayfield with the Broncos coaching staff could go a long way to convincing President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway and Gary Kubiak to draft him.

So, if you want to start dot-connecting here, there are plenty of dots to connect that lead to the Broncos having serious interest in drafting Baker Mayfield in the early portions of the first-round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

We will soon find out if the Broncos are serious about drafting Baker Mayfield or not.