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Kirk Cousins got some love from Broncos fans at Super Bowl commercial shoot

As the shoot was going on, a group of tourists shouted, “Come to Denver! We’ll love you there!”.

During a taping of an upcoming Super Bowl commercial in Washington D.C., Kirk Cousins on set with a fake Donald Trump received some love from a couple of tourists who also happened to be fans of the Denver Broncos.

The fans called out, “Come to Denver! We’ll love you there!”

A description of this exchange showed up in the Washington Post article, with a Washington Redskins fan bristling at the love Cousins received from the Broncos fans in attendance.

Demetri, a Redskins fan who declined to reveal any details of this year’s ad, hopes that doesn’t happen.

“I said to him, ‘Kirk, we really want you to stay,’ and he said, ‘I really want to stay too,’” Demetri said. “Hopefully it turns out.”

Yeah, well sorry Demetri. We hope it doesn’t turn out. Kirk Cousins in the orange and blue sounds pretty good.