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Broncos Country should be excited about the future at quarterback

Who cares about the dumb Super Bowl? I’m excited about Broncos QBs who aren’t even on the team yet.

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The Denver Broncos are in a unique situation this offseason. Most of Broncos Country is salivating, but the potential outcomes for Denver are numerous, and potentially confusing. I won’t venture to create one of those mock drafts. Not my strength. But I will get a little giddy over a couple possibilities at quarterback.

When Jeffrey Essary joined Ian St. Clair and me on the Mile High Report Radio podcast, he gave us some great insight into the Senior Bowl. Perhaps the most exciting conversation came as we discussed Baker Mayfield. The Broncos requested to have him on their team down in Mobile.

This request only served to fuel speculation that Denver is interested in drafting the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback. And with all that speculation, there is still the thought that the Broncos are a big player in the Kirk Cousins lottery. Both possibilities mean very different seasons for Denver in 2018.

As I stated on the podcast, Mayfield has an appealing quality about him. He is fiery, and arrogant. He seems to exude confidence, and looks like a real competitor. A far cry from the current crop of Broncos QBs. Many find his antics to be immature, or distracting. However, his passion is obvious, and seems to be a big piece missing from the Broncos offense.

Cousins is passionate about the game, too. All you have to do is Google “Cousins you like that,” and you will get a brief (albeit funny) look at his fire. However, his game is more refined, which could be exactly what the Broncos need.

Cousins signing in Denver means the Broncos are legitimate contenders in the 2018 season. With the defense still considered one of the elite units in the NFL, improving the offense can only help. Cousins ensures the defense is more than just elite, but that the team is in a position to win right away.

Relying on Mayfield, or any rookie, in 2018 is a clear statement that Denver will be building toward the future. Mayfield may give fans the tingles. I know I get excited thinking about the prospect of what he could be in the NFL. If he reaches his potential he could be elite for years. With the cost of a rookie contract, he would also be a cheaper gamble. Cousins will come with a hefty price tag.

If it feels like this is going in circles, that’s because it is. As a fan, I want Cousins, and I want Mayfield, and I know that won’t happen. John Elway will get his consortium of evaluators together and make their pitch to Cousins. They will watch Mayfield at the Senior Bowl, and we shall see where this all goes.

Do you have a preference Broncos Country? Free agency will have a major impact on the draft. What do you hope to see happen?

The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.