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The best Denver Broncos moment from each Super Bowl victory

Picking just one moment is hard, but here are the single moments from each Denver Broncos Super Bowl win that meant the most.

The Denver Broncos have had their fair share of Super Bowl greatness over the last few decades. With three championships since 1997, most of us should be able to recall the biggest moments from those games. We could easily call one of the “This one’s for..” quotes after the game, but we’ll be sticking to just the game play itself.

We had some good discussion over what was the greatest Super Bowl moment for the Broncos and their fans a few weeks ago and the pick was very much the John Elway helicopter run, but I ended up in the minority as I’ll discuss here.

Super Bowl 32: John Mobley fourth down pass breakup

There is no other moment in my sports fan life that sparked such a reaction of pure elation and joy than when that Brett Favre pass was broken up by linebacker John Mobley. Bar none, that was the greatest moment in my sports fan life. And if you still disagree with me, I’ve got Terrell Davis on my side. So there.

Super Bowl 33: Rod Smith’s 80 yard touchdown reception

Late in the second quarter, the Broncos were not beating up the Atlanta Falcons like we all expected. Going into halftime up a single score would have kind of been deflating. Instead, John Elway connected on a deep pass to Rod Smith for an 80 yard touchdown that blew the game wide open before the half.

Super Bowl 50: Von Miller did it ... and did it again!

I’m going to include both of Von Miller’s epic game-changing plays in Super Bowl 50, but the greatest one happened at the end of the game that sealed the Super Bowl title for the 2015 Broncos. The three greatest Broncos of all-time are also the three Broncos players to have won a Super Bowl MVP.

What is the best moment from each Super Bowl victory from your perspective? Share in the comments section below.