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Rumor: Paxton Lynch’s future with the Broncos in danger if they sign Kirk Cousins

Lynch’s future with the Broncos could also be nearing its end.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

According to Walter Football, may be available in a trade or potentially have to fight for a roster spot if the Broncos do indeed sign quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Walter Football like Sporting News’s Eric Galko is saying that many expect the Broncos will make a “huge run” for Kirk Cousins and that Lynch’s future with the team will be in danger if they sign him.

Speaking of Lynch, it will be interesting to see if he becomes available this offseason. Sources with Denver tell me that Lynch was not popular in the locker room and obviously has underwhelmed to the point that the Broncos are aggressively scouting the top 2018 quarterbacks while also considering the veteran market for a new starter. In speaking to Denver sources and those at other teams, many are expecting the Broncos to make a huge run at acquiring Kirk Cousins this offsesaon. If Denver lands Cousins, Lynch could be available in a trade and will have to fight for a roster spot.

Lynch has only 4 starts since being selected in the first-round of the 2016 NFL Draft for the Broncos. He has 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions during that span. He has lost out to Trevor Siemian in a quarterback battle that was heavily favored for him to win it, and per Walter Football, was not very popular within the Broncos locker room.

All of this could lead to the Broncos moving on from Lynch if the circumstances are right. I personally find it hard to see Lynch sticking around if the Broncos draft a quarterback like Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen in the first-round of the 2018 NFL draft. It wouldn’t make much sense to keep two first-round picks on your roster.

It might be best for the Broncos to simply just wash their hands from both Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch this offseason. Especially if they do indeed sign Kirk Cousins like the now multiple reports indicate they will try hard to do this offseason.