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LOOK: Josh Allen shows off his accuracy

With the net just a few yards in front of him, Josh Allen completely whiffs not just the hole where the ball should go, but the entirety of the net around it.

During the second day of practice for the 2018 Senior Bowl, the quarterbacks the Denver Broncos are most interested in have gone in different directions.

Baker Mayfield has easily come out and practiced like he was the best quarterback on the field, while Josh Allen has been mostly inaccurate and shaky. Even during the simplest passing drills like this one, he caused some head scratching.

After dying with laughter reading through some of the most clever tweet replies to the above tweet from The Denver Post’s Nicki Jhabvala, I set out to give those Allen fans still out there some hope that he’ll still be a Top 5 pick consideration for some team out there.

In one session, Allen hit a couple of home run balls that had Twitter buzzing for a while.

Unfortunately, his day was mostly filled with overthrows and interceptions. He was unable to find a rhythm and he really does look like more of a project than a Day 1 starter.

The Denver Broncos have already gone through the process of trying to develop a raw quarterback in Paxton Lynch, so I would be seriously shocked if Allen ever makes it onto the Broncos big board in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.