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Report: “It seems it’s more likely than not that Kirk plays for the Broncos next year.”

While Baker-mania is spreading among Broncos fans, Kirk Cousins appears to be on the way.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

I asked Sporting News’s Eric Galko if the week spent with quarterback Baker Mayfield changed their apparent free agency plan of making a “big offer” to quarterback Kirk Cousins. Well, despite an impressive week from Mayfield the Broncos appear to be major players for Kirk Cousins services.

Galko was at the Senior Bowl with all the Scouts, Coaches, and General Manager’s and asked them where they believe Kirk Cousins ends up in 2018. Well, he says “It seems it’s more likely than not that Kirk plays for the #Broncos next year. And the contract details may be very interesting.”.

This is the second time Galko has come to this conclusion after talking to various sources. Earlier this month he reported that the Broncos are prepared to make a “big offer” to Kirk Cousins this winter.

At this point, it looks to be a two-team race for Cousins: the Redskins or Broncos. The Redskins haven’t done themselves any favors with how they’ve handled Cousins since the 2012 draft, but the fact that he’s grown into a sense of comfort in Washington with coach Jay Gruden and kept relatively upright thanks to offensive line coach Bill Callahan, Washington should be the clear favorite.

But the Broncos have made it clear to those close to Cousins that they’re ready to make a big offer. Over the last two seasons, since moving on from Peyton Manning and letting Brock Osweiler walk (before bringing him back), the Broncos have spent the fewest of any NFL team on quarterback (under $7 million combined over 2016 and ’17). Elway needs to spend at quarterback to win.

At that point, he said it was between Washington and the Broncos for Cousins’s services, but it appears the Cardinals have jumped into the conversation as well. They have lost quarterback Carson Palmer to retirement, are picking in the mid-teens and are likely too far out for a top quarterback, and also have a new Head Coach. So it makes sense that they would be interested in Cousins as well.

There are various reports out there about the Jets, Jaguars, and others being interested in Cousins, but it remains to be seen the level of interest each team shows.

Broncos General Manager/President of Football Operations John Elway was asked if he prefers filling roster holes via free agency and the draft and he said: “there are a lot more unknowns going into the draft than there is in free agency.”

“There are a lot more unknowns going into the draft than there is in free agency. We’ll look at all of the holes that we do have, see what’s available and also how everything fits with what we want to do and the value that’s there. Trying to manipulate everything to where we get the best bang for our buck when it comes down to cap dollars as well as the best football team. We know a little bit more about what we’re doing in the draft because we’re picking higher than we have in the past. That helps a little bit knowing exactly what we might possibly get in the draft.”

Elway’s history with free agency is much better than his draft history. He has signed names like Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, Ronald Leary, Emmanuel Sanders, T.J. Ward, Darian Stewart, and others who have become cornerstones on this team. He seems comfortable identifying a “quick fix” and going out and getting them. Kirk Cousins would be a “quick fix” at the quarterback position but would be costly.

Speaking of cost, Galko did mention that the contract details may be very interesting. He didn’t expand on that but something to keep an eye on going forward.

To me, it still seems like it will be Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield under center for the Broncos in 2018. There are too many reports out there for this Cousins stuff to be just a “smokescreen” and the Broncos appear smitten with Mayfield after coaching him this week.

How this plays out remains anyone's guess at this point and time, but there is one more report out there pointing to Kirk Cousins being the Broncos quarterback in 2018 and going forward.