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Guess what? The Senior Bowl score doesn't matter.

The hot takes from the North's 45-16 loss yesterday are getting out of hand.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-North Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The ire from fans began to pour in yesterday as the Denver Broncos-coached North squad lost the Senior Bowl to the South squad, coached by the Houston Texans, by a score of 45-16.

After covering the Senior Bowl all week, and also attending the game in person, I've got news for those concerned about Vance Joseph being "blown out" in yet another game - the score of yesterday's game didn't matter.

In fact, yesterday's "game" didn't matter. Not even a little.

The sole benefit of yesterday's game was to give these players one more chance to shine on the field. Frankly, the game portion of the week is more of an event for the fans and an opportunity to sell tickets than anything else that happened all week.

All the scouts and NFL personnel leave town on Thursday after the final practice. Want to know why? Because they've seen everything they need to see that matters from the week and can watch the tape of the game to see individual performances.

The format of the game is intentionally handicapped on the coaching side with special rules and vanilla scheming so that players can show what they can do, independent of any other influences.

So whether Joseph and his staff's team won by 60 or lost by 60 is irrelevant. Their job this week and in the game was to help put the players on display, not scheme up a winning game.

I'm going to try my hand at some “no bull” truth here. Let's not kid ourselves. This ire isn't really about the game at all. This is about Vance Joseph and people not liking that he was brought back for another season. Which is totally fine. The beautiful thing about football and being fans is that we can have whatever opinion we want about the team we love. And I might add, criticism or skepticism is completely valid after the product of last season.

But let's be honest and smart as fans and give the head coach a chance to actually coach a real football game with his new staff before passing judgment.