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Twitter reacts to Jon Gruden’s insane contract from the Raiders

10 years. $100 million. You just knew the Internet would react to that kind of insanity. Broncos fans were not disappointed.

The Oakland Raiders are so sold on Jon Gruden that they offered him a contract no other team has ever offered a head coach in NFL history. 10 years, $100 million. Let that sink in.

Then enjoy the reactions. You’ll be able to tell which ones are Raiders fans.

If you thought all this was funny. Gruden is also making the Raiders pay a steep price and a long-term commitment to his coaching staff, making his coaching staff the most expensive in NFL history.

And more reactions ensued.

Icing the cake goes to this tweet from Ian Rapoport. Apparently, Gruden was lamenting behind the scenes that the Raiders would not go get Johnny Manziel in the draft. Just lose baby!