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Chiefs historian calls ‘97 playoff loss one of worst in franchise history

Considering the Kansas City Chiefs long history of playoff distress, having that 1997 loss to the Denver Broncos mentioned is notable.

Darrien Gordon

As Denver Broncos fans, we all remember that incredible march to the franchises first Super Bowl title in 1997. The drama of the stage was set the year before with a first-round exit from the 1996 playoffs when the team had a homefield advantage. Roles were reversed the following year, with the Kansas City Chiefs holding the first round bye and a home playoff game.

In a dogged, defensive battle the hopes and dreams of a world title for Chiefs Kingdom were dashed one a fourth down pass breakup in the end zone to secure a hard fought victory for the road team.

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star spoke with the Chiefs official historian, Bob Moore about the Chiefs woes in the playoffs and that 1997 AFC Divisional playoff game was one that immediately came to mind.

What’s the worst playoff loss in franchise history?

“Well, there’s two of them,” Bob Moore began.

“The one in ’95 or the one in ’97,” he said. “Because you had homefield advantage the whole way.”

Of course, Mellinger then went on to name some others and painted a picture of despair for a proud franchise that wins as many regular season games as any in the NFL yet has only mustered two home playoff wins in 46 years.

Will that despair continue this week? This fan sure hopes so.

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