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Titans at Chiefs - Live Blog

The Tennessee Titans will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Wild Card round of the 2017 NFL Playoffs. Go Titans!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs (10-6) will host the Tennessee Titans (9-7) in the AFC Wild Card game today. Both teams had up and down seasons, with some good streaks and some bad. The Chiefs at one point were 5-0 and the class of the NFL, while the Titans had a three-game losing streak before winning the final week and sneaking into the playoffs.

What the Titans have going for them is they face a franchise that has just two home playoff wins in the last 46 years. Since 1971, they are a laughable 4-15 in the playoffs with three of those wins coming between 1991-1993.

Even more troubling for them is that nearly every expert and pundit is on their side in this game. The Titans players see this and hear this, which means they might just come out as determined as a football team can be.

Will the Chiefs overcome the hype and snatch just their second playoff win since 1994? I say no. I predicted the Titans would win 27-23 over the Chiefs in this game.

Titans vs. Chiefs live blog