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An open letter to Kansas City Chiefs fans

This Broncos fan reflects on the Chiefs and feels his heart grow 3 sizes.

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Oh, the sweet, sweet nectar of schadenfreude. How I love you so.

I loved it written all over the face of Marty Schottenheimer for decades. I loved watching every second of the 14 - 10 masterpiece in 1997 when our beloved Denver Broncos put the #1 seed Kansas City Chiefs in the dirt on their way to their first Super Bowl victory.

And I’m really starting to groove on Andy Reid in Kansas City. He’s brought another angle to the levity that is the Kansas City chiefs’ fans pathetic bravado.

Even this year we’re getting chirps about losing 5 in a row in the regular season.

Normally, I mostly ignore the chef fans. Why? Because they aren’t worth our time.

But this week’s loss to the Tennessee friggin Titans has ignited a spark of warmth deep down inside for our football brothers and sisters lost and alone in the midwest left stranded with nothing but more of “what could have been” after their team has (in record crushing fashion) squandered away yet another shot at postseason glory.

So I’m going to allow that warmth to grow a bit and share some good ‘ole fashioned No Bull thoughts with our division rival’s fans.

1: Championships matter

Let’s get the trash talk No Bull stuff out of the way: Until your team wins an actual Super Bowl, nothing you say matters to pretty much anyone in Broncos Country with half a brain. The regular season success you have? It is empty. Your team could beat ours for 20 straight regular season games and I’d say, “So what!?”

That’s just the way it is. We have 3 sweet, glorious championships in our trophy case in Dove Valley. There are many of us in Broncos Country that were alive to witness those wins and cherish the memories of what it is like to unequivocally be the best team in the NFL.

Most of your fan base weren’t even a twinkle in their Momma’s eyes when your team won their one and only championship in an era when players had a beer and smoked half a pack at half time.

You want to come sit at the table with the Broncos, 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, Packers, Giants, and *Patriots? You need to achieve something first.

2: The problem starts up top

This much losing when it counts the most points one direction: up. It isn’t Alex Smith. It isn’t Andy Reid. It isn’t the refs. It isn’t Bob Sutton.

You want to know really where the problem is? Look to your owner, Clark Hunt.

If he really wants your team to achieve greatness, he has to start expecting it.

All the dominos fall in place after that.

If that expectation is set, either Reid leaves (win for your fans) or he works harder (win for your fans).

If that expectation is set, the Bob Suttons of the world won’t be employed in red and orange this time next year.

If that expectation is set, Alex Smith doesn’t stick around in mediocrity for years being a primary on the field factor to your team’s hapless recent history in the playoffs.

I’ve read tons of comments by Chiefs fans lamenting so many factors, but very few actually calling out the ownership of the team.

3: Andy Reid is not the answer

I do love what I’ve seen from Patrick Mahomes, but even a young stud QB who grows into a real franchise guy isn’t going to overcome the derptitude of one of the most inept post-season coaches to ever take the field.

Reid is spectacularly awful at anything to do with inspiring the team to play dominating post season football with an attitude.

And if you haven’t caught on yet, moxie in the playoffs is a big deal. You can’t have your coach tip-toeing through game after post-season game trying not to lose. It is a well known recipe at this point and no amount of finding the best personnel in the NFL is going to top how completely Andy Reid smothers any semblance of attitude his team might have when the going gets tough in the biggest moments.

4: Question the heart of every one of your players

There may have been some heart, somewhere on the sideline of the Chiefs this past Saturday, but if so, I didn’t see it. Along with a new head coach, your team needs a leadership attitude enima in the worst way.

Where was a DeMarcus Ware confidently keeping the defense dialed in? Where was the QB rallying the offense to step up and execute?

It almost looks like the Chiefs look solely to Andy Reid as their leader and as he goes, so do they.

Your team needs some fiery leaders...just one or two to help row the boat.

5: Your voices make a difference

If you really want your team to make progress, you have to be heard and you can.

Stop filling up the stadium for this crap product Clark Hunt keeps trotting out. Don’t tweet. Don’t email. Don’t send letters.

The ONE singular thing you can do to get the attention of the Kansas City Chiefs is to stop buying tickets. The one place they make profits directly off of is the stadium. Organize and make your voice heard. If you can just get 10% of the fans to stop showing up, the organization will take notice.

Final No Bull Thoughts

Seriously, the playoff losses of your team brings me priceless untold lengths of joy that you would never begin to be able to understand. Honestly, never change. Keep talking trash every offseason about how the Chiefs are going to win the AFC West.

‘Cause even when they do, I know that I know it is going to lead to an event so exuberant that I completely forget we just had a 5 - 11 season.