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Broncos vs. Chiefs score predictions: Few think Denver can win this game

Few of us are predicting the Denver Broncos have any chance in this game at home against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

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The Denver Broncos (2-1) have their work cut out for them on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs (3-0). The Broncos have been generally lackluster to start the season, while the Chiefs have been lighting the world on fire offensively.

Those two realities have really depressed the collective optimism of the Mile High Report staff heading into this game as we predict a 34-26 Chiefs victory in Denver.

Here is how we each broke it down individually.

Broncos 34, Chiefs 21

All signs point to a Chiefs romp in Denver on Monday Night Football, which means I’m going to go against that grain and go with a “stunning” Broncos upset at home. AFC West crowns are won in December, not in September and that is an issue the Chiefs haven’t quite figured out. At least, that’s what I am hoping for in this one. - Tim Lynch

Chiefs 42, Broncos 24

The Broncos have one chance and one chance only at winning this game: They need to come out swinging and play aggressive, up-tempo offense and have a clear mentality that they’ll score 35+ points. If they come in with that swagger and mentality, they can very well walk away victorious. This will take dedication and commitment from the coaching staff, from the tippy-top to the very bottom.

A coaching staff that isn’t playing scared and trusts their players to make plays. A coaching staff who is fearless and won’t play not to lose. A coaching staff who prepares their players and puts them in the best possible position to be successful. I honestly believe if we can get that from the coaches, we will walk out of Mile High Stadium victorious. And because of that, I’m giving this game to the Chiefs. - Pete Baron

Chiefs 31, Broncos 24

Denver is at home which is why I think this one is closer than people would think. It will come down to if the offense can finally put together a full game and not look good in spurts, and downright awful the rest of the time.

I think the Chiefs end up coming away with this one, unfortunately. - Jeff Essary

Broncos 33, Chiefs 30 (OT)

For the life of me, I can’t pick the Broncos to lose. But the offense is going to have to keep up, and the defense is going to have rattle the you-know-what out of Mahomes to keep him from lighting up the scoreboard all night long. I pick a Broncos victory with an OT field goal, 33-30. Mile High goes crazy. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Chiefs 38, Broncos 27

Broncos are likely going to lose. Their offense hasn’t shown enough to keep up with Mahomes who unfortunately doesn’t look like a bust. We have no answer for Kelce and Hill always burns the Broncos.

It hopefully is closer than most think but unless Keenum and the Broncos offense get their heads out of their ass, they’re going 2-2. - Scotty Payne

Chiefs 31, Broncos 24

As I told Adam Malnati on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, when it comes to rivalry games, always expect the unexpected. This is the 116th time these two rivals will play. Yet even if Denver runs the ball, controls tempo, Case Keenum doesn’t play like Trevor Siemian and the Orange Rush makes life miserable for Mahomes, it’s still not enough. The Broncos will also have to create turnovers, which is something this defense struggles to do (it has three in three games). I think the game is closer than most expect, but Denver still loses. - Ian St. Clair

Chiefs 51, Broncos 35

Paint me a pessimist, but nothing in the first three weeks tells me that this Broncos team can hang with the Chiefs. There is a path to victory, and it starts with Case Keenum being efficient, and the offense being able to sustain drives. Kansas City’s defense is bad. There is a chance that Denver can keep Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense off the field and control the tempo of the game. If that happens, the Broncos could come away with a win. However, the defense has glaring issue for the Broncos as well. The No Fly Zone has turned into the Frequent Flyers Lounge. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, this game could be a lot like that Broncos/Rams game back in 2000. Points all over the place, and last team with the ball wins. I don’t actually think it will be that close. Sometimes the other car is just faster, and right now the Chiefs offense is a Ferrari, and the Broncos are a Kia. 51-35 Chiefs. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 31, Chiefs 27

The Chiefs have a smoking hot offense. It is predicated on a young big-armed QB who has yet to face a real pass rush. I’m going against the grain on this one and calling this a Bronco win due to a great pass rush plan from our defense. It will be close. We are playing a very impressive team. Sure it could be a blow-out. But I doubt it...not at Mile High. Not in our house. - Sadaraine

So much pessimism up in here today. Had to lead with a win and end with a win prediction. Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.