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The Broncos are in need of an identity check

The Denver Broncos may not want to admit it, but this is a rebuild, and it’s not going well.

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After the Denver Broncos embarrassing loss to the New York Jets things will only get more difficult. The Los Angeles Rams appear to be the best team in the NFL. They also have the added incentive of Wade Phillips looking to rub John Elway’s nose in sending him packing in favor of Joe Woods. Is there anything the Broncos can do to keep from being embarrassed again?

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I were pretty harsh regarding the loss to the Jets. We were even more harsh in our keys to the game and predictions about what could happen against the Rams this Sunday. There is a lot of negative energy around the Broncos, and it seems time to adjust the focus a little. Losing streaks suck.

After five games it appears as if Broncos Country is stuck in the same downward spiral that has plagued the franchise since the departure of Peyton Manning after the Super Bowl run. While the Broncos seem to be reloading a musket; poor the powder, stuff the wad, ram home the musket ball, remove the ramrod, aim and fire. Jared Goff seems to be piloting the Death Star.

John Elway and the front office have made it clear the franchise believes they have the talent to simply add a piece or two and get right back to the Super Bowl. If this is a reload it’s like watching that single shot musket. Not exactly replacing a clip.

However, it is more than clear this is not the case. The quarterback situation has been the biggest sticking point, but it isn’t the only problem. The defense has glaring holes. The offensive line has never been good. Some offensive players have become too inconsistent for their cost. With all these issues, the Broncos have to do a lot more than reload to return to relevancy.

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Elway has to admit this is not a reload. This is a rebuild. That is not to say there aren’t pieces in place, but there are gaping holes that have to be filled. Holes that include quarterback, defensive back, linebacker, offensive line, and, of course, the coaches.

The Broncos have no identity. What does that mean? This team believes that it is something it is not. Denver believes it is a contender. The truth is that the Broncos are a franchise that needs to commit to something. That something is a rebuild. Slapping band aids on the major issues that plague this team just wont work.

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