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Broncos Country expects a full on meltdown in Week 6

4% of Denver Broncos fans in our poll feel confident in the team and predict a 14-point blowout home loss to the Los Angeles Rams,

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After getting run over by a weak New York Jets team on the road last week, the Denver Broncos now host a juggernaut in the undefeated Los Angeles Rams in Week 6. That reality has caused the confidence poll that started out 93% confident heading into Week 1 to just 4% today.

The collapse in fan confidence has hit rock bottom.

Add that to the expected point spread where Broncos fans are expecting at least a 14-point home loss to the Rams this week and you have a fan base on the ropes with well over half the season still left to play.

In fact, all 32 SB Nation blogs are running these FanPulse polls and no fan base is more demoralized and defeated than Broncos Country at 4%. The only other team that has dropped below 18% is the Dallas Cowboys fan base at 5%.

That’s rough. I can’t even be glad Cowboys fans are sad right now. Hell, even Oakland Raiders fans are still 19% confident in their team.

How do you feel about this team right now?

Personally, I’ve long preached patience with Vance Joseph in hopes that he would finally turn things around, but my optimism has been sapped. It’s over as far as I am concerned right now and the countdown is on for 2019 and a fresh coaching staff.