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Beating the Rams will change the narrative

Easier said than done, but if Vance Joseph wants to right the ship right away then a win over the Los Angeles Rams would do the trick.

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Justin Heiman/Getty Images

Case Keenum was one bad throw away from leading the Denver Broncos to a heroic comeback win over the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago. Denver would have been 3-1 heading onto the road to face the New York Jets and a bad loss there wouldn’t have dampened the spirit as badly as it did coming off a heartbreaking loss.

Here’s the thing. The Broncos have been close up until last week. They were competitive. They were fighting.

Now, they need a win against a good football team. Beating the Arizona Cardinals, okay, but does that really change the narrative of this football team in any meaningful way? Not really, but beating the Los Angeles Rams would.

The next four games are the last gasping breathes of Vance Joseph’s tenure in Denver if he doesn’t turn things around and change the narratives surrounding him and this football team.

Even winning two of the next four doesn’t really move the needle enough for Joseph. It’ll buy him the rest of the season, but that is about it. He needs a signature win. He needs to beat the Rams and/or the Chiefs on the road. The other two just won’t help enough for him at this stage of a 7-14 record as a head coach.

I’m pulling for these wins, because no matter how frustrated I am with the coaching staff I want the Denver Broncos to win games. And boy do they ever need this next one...

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