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Broncos vs. Rams score predictions: It’s going to be a blowout

Few expect the Denver Broncos to be competitive against the Los Angeles Rams, but I do. I expect an upset!

The Los Angeles Rams (5-0) are an offensive powerhouse, but they have lacked in one key area and that is on defense where they also give up a lot of points. Not quite as bad as the Kansas City Chiefs, but bad enough to give the Denver Broncos (2-3) some hope if they can find a way to, well, get out of their own way.

The mood around Broncos Country is one of despair and acceptance of losing. Losing is something we have all come to except in the Vance Joseph era and collectively we don’t think it will be much different this week with the Mile High Report staff predicting a 37-21 home loss.

Here is how we expect things to play out individually.

Broncos 31, Rams 28

Never give up, never surrender! That is my motto this week as I predict yet another Broncos win - which is something I have done every week this year. I feel like this is Joseph’s last chance to change the narrative of this season and get things back on track in a big way. Do I think it’s likely? Not really, but I have to go into each game hoping for the best - especially this early into a season. - Tim Lynch

Rams 44, Broncos 24

31-3 at halftime. Then Case Keenum is benched and Chad Kelly comes in to usher in a new era as our franchise quarterback.

What will the final score be? Not a clue as I’m not sure if the Rams will call off the dogs and prevent defense their way home, or if Chad Kelly lights it up and keeps it within 3 scores. But I know at some point, it will be a 28+ point game. - Pete Baron

Rams 32, Broncos 17

The Rams are going to want to make a statement against the Broncos on Sunday. Wade Phillips will have his defense fired up, and things could get ugly quick. As I mentioned on The MHR Radio Podcast, after three quarters the Rams will probably be up by enough to call off the dogs. The game will be over at 32-0 heading into the fourth, but Keenum will snag a few garbage time points in the fourth against the backups. 32-17 Rams. - Adam Malnati

Rams 38, Broncos 21

I think Lindsay and Royce go HAM against a weak Rams run D but the Broncos turn into the same pass happy outfit they’ve been so far as Jared Goff torches the secondary. Denver scores 21 but gives up more than 5 touchdowns. - Joe Rowles

Rams 51, Broncos 23

I think its 51-23, Rams.

That was the score of the Eagles game last year and this season is shaping up to look pretty close to last year’s season.

I think Denver comes out with some energy, but succumbs to turnovers and their losing ways in the second half. - Jeff Essary

Rams 34, Broncos 9

Most seem to agree the weather is the only chance the Broncos have on Sunday. The Rams want to prove they have what it takes to win on the road in the cold and snow. Todd Gurley is going to absolutely shred the Broncos defense — think Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl — and the Rams D will own the line of scrimmage, thus taking away the only thing Denver does well on offense. At least Bill Musgrave won’t be surprised by the calls this week. Of course, Wade Phillips and the Rams will benefit from the Broncos not playing one of their better run-blocking offensive lineman. - Ian St. Clair

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below. If you dare...