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Vance Joseph: ‘Case is our quarterback’

The Denver Broncos are not going to be making any changes at the quarterback position while Vance Joseph is in charge.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

When the Denver Broncos were down 20-3 in the second half to the Los Angeles Rams, you could hear the chants for Chad Kelly in the stands. Instead, Case Keenum attacked the Rams prevent defense to lead a comeback that come up short in a 23-20 home defeat.

After the game, Vance Joseph dismissed any notion that there could be a quarterback change coming saying, “Case is our quarterback.” to the first question about his possible benching.

Case Keenum is now having a year that is kind of right in the middle of his pre-2017 and 2017 seasons, so a regression back to the mean. He is 122/192 for a 63.5 completion percentage with 1365 yards and 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on the year.

Pretty much pedestrian and a slight improvement over the Trevor Siemian era. The Broncos paid $18 million for the quarterback they saw last year and got a bottom third in the league quarterback instead.

In this situation, I think back to 2011. The Broncos were 1-4 and Kyle Orton was having another pedestrian day, going 6/13 for 34 yards down two scores. Tim Tebow, who is barely a quarterback by any measure of quarterbacks, comes in and the rest is history.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the quarterback, but changing quarterbacks is the solution anyway.

We’re not quite there yet, but Vance Joseph sure seems like a coach who is going to stick with Case Keenum no matter how back it gets. He is coaching for his job and isn’t going to risk it on a second-year quarterback no matter what.

So put away your Chad Kelly chants, Broncos Country, that is never happening under Joseph’s watch.