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Von Miller on Arizona Cardinals: “We’re going to kick their ass.”

The Denver Broncos have a must-win game this week and Von Miller is pissed off.

With the Denver Broncos on a four-game skid and fans losing all patience, Von Miller shed his ‘Vonnie Football’ image and told everyone his intentions for the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a must win but we’re going to kick their ass though,” Von Miller said to the media on Tuesday. “Make sure you put that out there. We’re going to kick their ass. They’re going to get our best this week.’’

We’re used to seeing Miller pay his respects to Broncos’ opponents most weeks, but he has clearly had enough of that. He and rookie Bradley Chubb combined for 4.5 sacks on Sunday and if they can fix their run defense issues that suddenly went from a mild concern to historically bad in a matter of weeks, then they might be able to turn things around.

Head Coach Vance Joseph is 1-9 in road games since being hired in 2017, so its not like this will be a gimmie for Miller and that defense. One thing is for certain, though, is that I love this Von over the one that praises his upcoming opponents each week!