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Broncos character will show in a short week

This short week has been filled with news, but the Broncos character will show in the desert.

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When the Denver Broncos take on the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football it will be a bigger game than most fans thought it would be heading into the season. Most fans probably looked at that game as an easy win on a short week. Now, some in Broncos Country aren’t sure where the next win for Denver is going to come from.

On the Mile High Report Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I got into a pretty interesting discussion. Earlier in the day Benjamin Albright was on Orange and Blue 760 talking about the coaching staff deliberately calling plays that don’t fit with the team’s strengths. Von Miller decided to tell the world they were going to kick Arizona’s ass. All this in the face of a 1-9 road game quagmire, and the team being inches away from turning the page from Vance Joseph.

There is just so much going on with the Broncos right now that it is really difficult to keep from getting dizzy. Every aspect of the team is under a microscope, scrutinized by every fan and media member that follows the team. The idea that Bill Musgrave is continually doing things the team is not good at isn’t much of a shock, but it is incredibly frustrating.

Like I said on the podcast, if we can see it as fans, surely the high paid coaches can recognize the insanity. And so it begs the question, what is meant by deliberate? The negative connotation here seems to indicate he is losing on purpose. However, the more likely explanation is stubbornness. Stubbornness is one of those characteristics that go a long way to getting guys fired, and it will probably lead to Musgrave being sent packing sooner rather than later.

On the flip side of all the coaching conversations is the issue of the players not playing to their potential. Perhaps that is why Miller came out with his proclamation. There hasn’t appeared to be a lot of pride in their play recently. Does that come from issues with the coaching staff? Have the players already given up on the season?

Short weeks show the character of a team. Teams that enter a Thursday game don’t get the luxury of full practices, walk throughs, and film work. Talent should really bear out. If the Denver Broncos still care about this season, they should march into Arizona and do to the Cardinals exactly what Von Miller said they were going to do. Bill Musgrave’s play calling, Vance Joseph and Joe Woods decision making, should have no impact.

Short weeks suck, but it might be exactly what the Broncos need to get back on track. Or, it my be the catalyst to a new era in Broncos Country.

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