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Broncos-Cardinals predictions: Another close, heartbreaking defeat for Denver on the road

It should be a close, hard fought game for the Denver Broncos, but we see yet another loss for a team that doesn’t quite know how to win on the road.

Can ya’ll please win a game?

That’s how I am feeling right now about the Denver Broncos. They are playing another bad football team in the Arizona Cardinals, so if they lose this one I’m done with 2018 and will be on the Suck for the Duck train.

Collectively, the Mile High Report staff seems to be expecting me to be done with 2018 by late Thursday evening as they have the Broncos losing to the Cardinals 20-19 to fall to 2-5 for the season.

I’m not ready to give in just yet. Here is how we each predicted the score individually.

Broncos 24, Cardinals 20

Spearheaded by a strong rushing attack (I say this every week - this time I’ll be right!), the Broncos run all over the Cardinals defense leading to a huge time of possession advantage and multiple red zone scores. Meanwhile, the Broncos defense gets back to the basics of run defense and are able to hold on for the win! - Tim Lynch

Cardinals 20, Broncos 7

I picked up the Cardinals defense in fantasy for this week. - Scotty Payne

Broncos 23, Cardinals 16

In my heart of hearts I think the Cardinals will actually win this game. I think the 4 game skid the Broncos are on will be 6 by the end of next week. And then Von stepped up and basically did what a quarterback should do an lay down the gauntlet to his team and put this game on his back. Bulletin board material be damned, Von has that Eye of the Tiger look and because of his presser, I changed my pick from the Cardinals winning to the Cardinals losing. I see a monster 3 sack 1 forced fumble game from Von to completely obliterate any chance the Cards would otherwise have of winning. Not even Case Keenum can screw this up, which is unfortunate as this will buy him another week as our starting QB and buy Vance Joseph another week as our head coach. - Pete Baron

Broncos 23, Cardinals 17

I just think the Broncos are going to win. Nothing I said on the MHR Radio Podcast would indicate that they should win, but I just think the defense has too much pride to allow themselves to be run on in the way they have been the last two weeks. The Cardinals are bad on defense and bad on offense. If there is a week that Denver can right the ship, this is it. 23-17 Broncos. - Adam Malnati

Cardinals 23, Broncos 18

The Broncos should win this game. In the words of Miller, they should kick Arizona’s ass. The Cardinals are a bad team. But we have said the same stuff so many times over the last two seasons only to come away angered, shocked and crushed at the outcome. Nothing changes on Thursday, even with Miller’s proclamation. - Ian St. Clair

Cardinals 23, Broncos 17

How many times have we said “if Denver does X,Y, and Z they have a chance at winning” only to see Denver do the exact opposite? I don’t feel confident going into any game, regardless how weak the opponent, until I see Denver actually implement some meaningful change, not just shuffle some things around, do the same thing on game day and get the exact same results. - Jeff Essary

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.