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Simon Fletcher thinks Denver will respond to this loss ‘the way Denver Broncos do’

Ring-of-Famer Simon Fletcher was optimistic about the Broncos bouncing back after a tough loss on Monday night.

Broncos’ all-time sack leader and Ring of Famer Simon Fletcher joined the guys over at 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 to talk about the Broncos tough loss on Monday night.

While they discussed areas for improvement, Fletcher was optimistic overall about the team and said he felt that the team would respond to this loss by getting better.

When asked how he felt the team would respond to this loss (starting around the 2:30 mark), he said:

“I think they’re going to respond the way Denver Broncos do,” Fletcher said. “We still have a great football team. We’ve gotta put all the piece together and I think this game is the second wake-up call and it’s early enough for the guys who were around last season to realize ‘we don’t have forever to turn things around, we’ve gotta do it a week at a time, but it starts with our next opponent.”

Fletcher said he expects Denver to come out next week, take it out on the Jets, and bring home a win.

We have talked a lot about the Broncos putting an emphasis on leadership, a strong locker room, and intangibles on the roster this year, both in the draft and at quarterback. This is where that comes to life. John Elway said last year that the team didn’t respond well to adversity and were never able to overcome it. They have to change that this year.

It’s good to hear that a player with a reputation like Simon Fletcher believes in this team’s ability to bounce back. Now they have to go out and prove it, and respond the way Denver Broncos respond when they are down, by getting right back up.