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Adam Schefter: “I think the Broncos are more sellers than buyers.”

The Broncos appear ready to wave the white flag.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s NFL inside Adam Schefter appeared on 104.3 The FAN earlier today to talk about the Broncos trade deadline plans. He says he believes the Broncos will be sellers not buyers this go around.

Schefter’s thoughts backup reports that came out on Sunday that said the Broncos were open to trading veteran wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Other reports and rumors also name linebacker Brandon Marshall, cornerback Chris Harris Jr., and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as other Broncos players reportedly on the block.

This statement by Adam Schefter should be a “no shit” sort of statement but there are Broncos fans out there hoping the team makes a move for a Patrick Peterson. That would be an excellent addition to this defense, however, General Manager John Elway is on the verge of blowing this team up. Adding veteran pieces is not what he is looking to do. He is looking to create cap space and shed the team of some veteran contracts.

The fact the Broncos are considering making these moves also shows us that they likely plan on moving on from Head Coach Vance Joseph at seasons end(or sooner). Joseph is fighting for his job each week and trading away key veteran starters will only make his job that much harder. So these reports and rumors are only the beginning of a potentially busy offseason for the Denver Broncos.

Sorry to pop your Patrick Peterson bubble, but it appears the Broncos will be sellers, not buyers.