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Von Miller’s annual Halloween party was NOT a ‘cocaine theme’

Just say no to TMZ. And local radio shock jocks looking for attention.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of bad news out today about the Broncos.

But don’t let the TMZ fan boys on Denver radio convince you that Von Miller’s cowboy-themed party is among them.

Granted, any time TMZ decides your party is worth writing about, you can be sure there will be some talk - and probably not the kind you want (just ask John Elway).

But the local sensational journalism machine worked overtime today when several outlets jumped on a false story that Von Miller “threw a cocaine-themed party.”

Many of the tweets have been deleted - and Les Shapiro did admit and apologize for his mistake - but Broncos Twitter has been afire all afternoon with this side story.

Just stop.

Miller hosted his annual Western-themed costume party in which a couple players dressed up as cocaine-using characters - Emmanuel Sanders as fake-but-legendary “Chappelle Show” crackhead Tyrone Biggums, and Brandon Marshall as Bobby Brown, a pop star/actor once addicted to cocaine.

Two players. Pretending. In costume. For an annual Halloween party.

If you want to be mad, be mad that they weren’t at home studying more Chiefs’ film before the game Sunday.

But players are allowed to have social lives too - and not only was it was held the night before the players’ day off from practice, Miller made sure players were not driving if they had anything to drink.

Although the fact that Chad Kelly was arrested at 1 a.m. after having attended the party earlier is a serious matter for Kelly and the team, it’s not about the party.

And making an issue out of the party itself and the costumes worn is nothing more than shock jocks looking for attention or wanting another reason to blame the coach and front office for a bad “culture” in Dove Valley.

There may be issues with the team culture, but an annual party does not inherently equal such accusations - as Elway pointed out on Orange and Blue Radio.

So all this talk of stripping Miller of his team captain rank or calling for shipping Miller and Sanders out is just D-Mac needing to be in the headlines again.

Broncos insider Mike Klis pointed out that the Broncos front office is very upset with Kelly - but that situation has nothing to do with the fact that Von Miller had a party and players dressed up for it.