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Chad Kelly may have ruined his chance with the Broncos

Aside from the football ramifications of the recent news, Chad Kelly needs to go seek help to get his life turned in the right direction.

By now we have all heard the news and likely read the police reports from the recent incident involving Chad Kelly.

While this has ramifications to the Denver Broncos on the field, and potentially muddies the waters at the backup quarterback position, the biggest part of this story is that Kelly clearly needs help.

Benjamin Allbright joined the 1st & 10 at 10 crew on Orange and Blue 760 this morning as the news broke and that was his opening message. “I hope the kid gets some help, honestly.”

He has been a pretty strong supporter of Case Keenum, when some fans have called for Kelly to replace the struggling Keenum, but Allbright said the football side isn’t that important right now. “People have known that I have been adamant about keeping Case as the starter while a lot of the fans want Chad, but this is not the time to bag on that or bag on Chad Kelly, this is about getting a troubled kid some help.”

Allbright also alluded to other pieces of the story potentially coming to light over the next few days that seem (injecting my thoughts here) like this is more than just a one-time incident but more of a continuation of a pattern of behavior that never stopped, even though Kelly has stayed out of the public eye since joining the Denver Broncos.

Again, this is speculation on my part, and nothing other than this incident have been substantiated, but Allbright seemed to think Kelly will not be a Denver Bronco much longer, and could potentially be out of the league soon. So things could be worse than they look right now, but we just don’t know yet.

What we do know, is that decision-making that leads to an incident like this screams of someone in need of some serious help. In the same way that Josh Gordon stepped away to get the treatment he needed, and Vikings defender Everson Griffen recently did as well, Kelly needs to focus on that, more than Denver needs a backup quarterback right now.