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Broncos-Chiefs score predictions: Denver faces toughest game of the year

The Denver Broncos will face their toughest game of the year on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8.

The Denver Broncos (3-4) will have their toughest game of the 2018 season when they travel to Arrowhead on Sunday to take on the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs (6-1). The Chiefs have a good six-game winning streak going against Denver, but the last time they lost was at home in 2015.

Do we think the Broncos can snap that streak here? Collectively, we did not as the final score prediction is Chiefs 35, Broncos 22 - easily covering the massive spread for the home team.

However, a couple of us did predict a miracle in Missouri this weekend.

Broncos 31, Chiefs 29

I figure I have predicted a win every single week, so why not keep that streak going. In this game, Case Keenum doesn’t miss a wide open Demaryius Thomas for the game-clinching score and the Broncos defense bends at the end giving up a touchdown, but kills the two-point conversion attempt to secure the victory. - Tim Lynch

Chiefs 37, Broncos 24

We’re gonna have to play perfect to pull this one off. The offense will have to be run heavy to maintain possession dominance. Keep the ball out of the KC offense’s hands. When they do have the ball, the Broncos defense has to be let loose. Last time, the Broncos played reactionary defense. This time, they need to at least attempt to dictate how Mahomes and company operate. Kelce is still someone they need to stop (again). Defense has to force turnovers, more than one, and points must result from it. Perfection is mandatory, because KC will take advantage of our mistakes. We haven’t seen perfect football from this team yet, so I predict the Chefs win 37-24. - Casey Barrett

Chiefs 45, Broncos 10

The Broncos played the Chiefs tough at home. Hell, they even had a lead going into the 4th quarter before Mahomes went off. For everyone saying “yeah, but if Keenum hits DT, the game is over” I say “did you ever watch that New England game two weeks ago? The Chiefs need exactly 1 play and 1 second on the clock to score a TD. So no, that game would NOT have been over. And lets not forget it was AT HOME and we still lost. I think the Chiefs now have a feel of our defense and offense so we will see four quarters of “Fourth Quarter in Denver” from the Chiefs. It’s going to be ugly in Arrowhead. Real ugly. - Pete Baron

Broncos 26, Chiefs 23

It’s rare that you’ll see me make a prediction going into one of Denver’s upcoming games, but this week feels different. We can delve deeply into the stats, how great Mahomes is, what Andy Reid ate for lunch, but this week, none of that matters. My gut tells me the Broncos will dig deep and pull this one out to shock the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium. Last week we saw what the Broncos were capable of when they execute and don’t allow themselves to be pushed around. Besides, what would be more Chiefs than going into a game that everyone thinks they are going to win only to lay a catastrophic egg? I’m not saying this will be a playoffs-style collapse, but I will say that some air will be let out of the Kansas City balloon. Tyrone Biggums and I say 26-23, Broncos in overtime. - Jess Place

Chiefs 33, Broncos 26

Are we to expect the Broncos to beat the Chiefs? Probably not. Winning in Kansas City is never easy, and keeping up with their offense is nearly impossible. However, Denver has the tools to win if they will stick to running the football. Are we to expect the Broncos offense to stick to the run if the Chiefs get out to a fast lead? Probably not. There is a sliver of hope, but it’s more likely that Denver loses. 33-26 Chiefs. - Adam Malnati

Chiefs 45, Broncos 17

In the last five games that the Broncos were nine-point or greater underdogs, the average score has been 42-16. All of them were losses for Denver. The Broncos enter the same boat on Sunday and take the same sorry trip. - Ian St. Clair

Chiefs 30, Broncos 21

If everything goes right Musgrave and Joseph will follow the gameplan I laid out in GIF Horse this week. If they do and Case Keenum avoids the kind of craptastic decision making that’s defined his Broncos tenure, they steal a win. If he doesn’t or Musgrave gets too pass happy, Von and the defense will need to score at least a touchdown to make up for it. - Joe Rowles

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday? Share in the comments below.